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I just heard a great story on local radio.

n illegal immigrant is being back to Jamaica today after 23 years here. Her Canadian-born son , 17 in his last year of high school, is not going with her. His father "has been invisible," and cousins don't want the responsibility of lodging him. But somebody does.

A local news photographer who has become friendly with the woman and her son over the years at the coffee shop where she worked, and his wife are taking him in . The photog said he had to drop out of school to support himself and he does not want that for the young man.

The deportee has no relatives or friends or job prospects in Arnold said, "no hope, no love, no light." But she has the comfort of knowing her son has all those things.

I am sorry I did not catch the names but the "foster dad" works for the Sun so they likely got the story from there.

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If I have understan well, I'm proud of you too. If this even had happened in Spain, this fact had not been possible at all. In Spain all the Jamaican family come to Spain with the aids of public funds payin all contributors. A tax of unemployment incredible (27%) show the way to Spanish government to incite young prepared people to go out to another countries, and attract "balseros" coming from Africa to rest in Spain!!. I ask myself who will raise Spain!. In Spain people think that money grow in the trees. Fortunate of you if you do the things so.

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