The Virtue of Silliness: How Kat and MSK Met


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This came up on Rebirth of Reason as a random past article. (Every time the Home Page loads, something from the archives appears.)

The story is cute. Anyone can read it without registering. From the home page

scroll down past Objectivism 101 and then past the log in boxes for username and password, and then down past the current Top Articles, to "Messages out of the last 50." There under Articles, you will find "The Virtue of Silliness."

You can jump directly from these links. The essay is here:

Discussion about it, starting with a blessing from Barbara Branden, is here:



PS: Note that RoR is hard-coded for Internet Explorer. Bold, underline, blockquote, etc., are menu options only with IE, otherwise you have to code your HTML tags. If you wish to participlate, registration is easy. The user biography forms are fairly complex and, actually, objectively insightful versus the generic profiles that we create on boards with commercial software. As always, you can keep yourself to yourself.

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