Happy Valentine's Day!

Darrell Cody

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(Posted originally on RoR)

I sent Valentines to my ex-wife and to an old girlfriend. My wife bought me lobster sushi.

She said that Valentine's Day now seems bigger than when we were kids. But she meant when she was a child, because she went to a Catholic school and they knew that no "Saint Valentine" ever existed. I went to a public school.

After about the third grade, it was a little weird to leave a Valentine for another boy, though there were "Be My Pal" cards for kids. Mostly, it was ritualized dating and mating, boys and girls leaving cards and candy for each other before class started in the the morning. You tried to leave the card without being seen. Sometimes teachers set aside 10 minutes for this with everyone running about dropping off cards. Some years, we had paper bags taped to our desks and cards would drop in all day long... again, the better to slip one in unseen.

About 10 or 15 years ago, it became completely un-PC to do this at work. I miss that. I used to give little cards to every woman in the office. Finally, I got stuck with two boxes of Harry Potters I could not distribute for fear of political correctness.

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