Atlas Shrugged Part III Greenlighted


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Well Ragnar does have blond hair...

I thought of Ragnar as being a good deal younger.

Agreed Angela.

Good to have you back.

Family ok?


Post Script:

Are you guys fortifying the Polish border facing toward the Ukraine yet?

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  • 2 months later...

My prediction. Part 3 will be a piece of shit.

Drastic formulation, but this may indeed be true.

Hard as I try, I can't imagine Part III be made into a film. Galt's Gulch full of happy people - Danneskjöld rescuing Galt ...

How on earth can something like Galt's Gulch be presented convincingly on screen without sliding into the too rose-colored?

Even a genius like Frank Capra encountered problems in presenting a 'happy valley':

The preview of Frank Capra's 1937 Lost Horizon - a movie in which a 'eu'topian valley (Shangri-La) plays a central roletoo - was a compete disaster. Soon people started giggling during scenes which were not supposed to elicit any giggling at all.

Capra, who was present at the preview, broke out in a cold sweat. He slid out into the foyer to get himself a glass of water.

There he came across a spectator who told him (not recognizing Capra): "Have you ever seen in your life such idiotic Fu-Man-Chu stuff? Those who are guilty of producing such rubbish ought to be shot!" Poor Capra fled out into the rain. He did not see the disastrous end of the performance: almost all spectators had left.

Now with Atlas Shrugged, those who have read the novel will know beforehand about Galt's Gulch, but what about those who haven't read the book?

Of course it all depends on the way it is presented, but imo the Gulch full of people happily living there is just too idyllic to be convincing, even in the book.

Ayn Rand was a political radical, but she was also a romantic. Imo this combination poses a major hurdle when it comes to making her novels into films.

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