"A Highly Personal Music," by Ghs

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In my Reason review, I noted that historians of jazz often provide interesting insights into the history of American pop culture generally. This interview (2009) with the noted jazz historian Ted Gioia is a good example. It is a discussion of his book Why Cool is Dead.

If you don't like Gioia, just watch the attractive lady who interiews him.


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Thank you for reviewing Myers' book.

And kudos to Reason (some of whose current editors dislike jazz) for running it.

Happy New Year,

Robert Campbell

Thanks, Robert.

I've probably reviewed over 100 books during my career, but this is the first of a book on jazz. The review has gotten a decent reception on the Yahoo list JazzWestCoast, though there has been some grumbling about my libertarianism. Not the first time. My earlier criticisms of government funding of jazz, via the NEA, didn't make me a beloved figure. 8-)


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