Ghs Cato Lectures on American History (1983)

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Cato has uploaded three Cato lectures that I gave on American History in 1983. They are quite long, each running around 90 minutes. It's difficult to believe that I was once that thin.

Lecture #1 (on the American Revolution)

Lecture #2 (Constitution through the Civil War)

Lecture #3 (through the Progressive Era)


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Normal is not something to aspire to, it's something to get away from. -- Jodie Foster

Thank you for the links, George. You were certainly an intellectually looking young man, and as hirsute as Sean Connery. I must say I expected a “Born to Be Wild” tattoo, but that was not to be. You do “clean up good,” as they say in the south. They also say, “Yeehaw!” and "Damn Yankees."

It appears history could repeat itself if Romney wins the popular vote and loses the Presidency in the Electoral College. Or how about a tie? Then the House chooses Romney and the Senate chooses Biden? In the event of an electoral tie, I think Biden being selected is farfetched. I envision a battle between Secretary Clinton, Biden, and several other Democrats. Mitt will demand someone who is a Democrat in name only, like . . . ?


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