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Samson Corwell

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Samson Corwell is who I am. I am not an Objectivist nor do I expect that I will become one. But, this philosophy is one that I am obsessed (not really, but it is on my mind often) with. My "philosophy" (maybe it is philosophy, maybe it is not, I am honestly unsure) has been built upon correction over my almost two decades (rounding up) of existence. Some might comsider me to be a deist. You may find my perspectives to be strange. You see someone who is leaning towards Objectivist or someone who is leaning towards "collectivism", but I cannot predict this. If there was ever anyone who felt isolated in terms of world view, it would be me. I live by many things, some fleeting and others not so. Vocabulary is my personal barrier at times.

— Samson Corwell

As an aside, I will give you some random things about me.

Random things I like:

•Gel pens

•Device design


•Canadian coins


Random things about me:


•Like to imagine I own the Infinity Gauntlet sometimes when I am lost in fiction; it looks cool

•Resigning myself to questioning myself

Phrases or words I've coined for my own thoughts:

•Council of gods

•Separation of consequences

•Ethereal set of principles

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I think I understand. When I was around 20 I found myself starting over and rebuilding my world view from the ground up, with my past filled mile posts in need of review. Good luck and you’ll find plenty of food for thought here and good people to bounce ideas off.

Welcome to OL.

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