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I am Jim Thio.

I like to question laws against individual freedom. In particular, I concentrate on laws with the biggest market distortion. Amont those I think laws that prevent women from picking the rich is the worst. If we use economic value, pretty women worth far more for the rich than for the poor because the rich are willing to pay more. Also women prefer the rich anyway.

Yet, laws like anti prostitution laws, anti polygamy laws, anti polyandry laws, and anti women trafficking laws tend to get in the way.

I mean we do have issues when those are non consensual of course, but we already have laws against slavery, rape and fraud.

Everywhere I question those I tend to get flamed for being mysogynists.

I am not even sure I'll get a warm crowd here, because even other libertarians are pretty pissed at me.

Well, that's what I am.

I strongly believe that the real purpose of those laws is to get rid legitimate competitors rather than actually to protect the prostitute, etc.

I am also a book author making stories of how ridiculous those laws are. Perhaps somebody here can help guide me to get the word spread? I have enough money from my other bizs but it'll be nice to make money as book author too.

In general, I am not a very moral person. I think in a cut throat world, we too would have to play cut throat. Otherwise we're not being fair to ourselves. In a fair world, it's not toward our best interests to play cut throat. So I am a selfish person, but closer to satanists or machiavelians rather than objectivists. Stealing is selfish enough for me though I don't need too because I am a programmer.

In general I think being evil is actually smart, rather than stupid and it's part of the game. I realized this after years of living. Politic and evil, is inevitable.

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Individual rights covers all that; all of it, and no more.

For the rest of what you say, I assume you live in a mostly free society.

Only there can your notions of jungle morality survive.

Anywhere less free, less rights-respecting, and you'd be chopped up like

mincemeat by bigger predators.

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Welcome to OL.

Out of curiosity what country do you reside in?


Post Script:

Sorry Brant did not see your post.

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