pjwaffle here :)


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Welcome to OL.

Where do you do your "15ing" at?

I assume you are in High School. Public, private or home schooled?


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Hello everyone! I'm pjwaffle!

I haven't really read much of Atlas Shrugged yet, but I read a summary of objectivism here (the whole series except for politics, because I'm an anarcho-capitalist): Why Should One Act on Principle?

I'm 15, if that matters to anyone.

If you're an ancap, read Old Nick's Guide to Happiness a novelized exposition of AC ideas. It will probably take you the rest of high school to finish, but it will make you think.

Welcome to OL.

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Welcome PJ. You will probably get to meet the pre eminent Rational Anarchist, George H. Smith, who lives here. Just turn right at the corner of Rand and Locke Streets and you will be in his neighborhood. I live on Rand Street, and I see him walking by every so often.

Rational Anarchy as a *System* lacks a hierarchical command structure. Everyone does whatever they please until another anarchist persuades or forces them to stop. Rational people, the Anarchist says, can agree to associate with each other, respect individual rights, and peacefully settle disagreements.

Yet, people who profess a proclivity towards anarchism won’t supply an example of a current working anarchy where individual rights are protected. I ask them, if anarchy is somehow more rational than a Constitutional Government, why didn’t the countries that made up the former Soviet Union, spontaneously become anarchic states? Why is it that people always express a desire for freedom, but virtually no one coming from an un-free society ever desires anarchy?

I hope you finish “Atlas Shrugged.”

Peter Taylor

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