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I've been lurking here for a couple of weeks reading everything and I thought it was time to introduce myself.

I am 48, female, married (2nd time), 2 sons, 2 stepsons. Like many of you, I read Atlas at 16, was strongly impacted and went on to read more and more of Ayn and about Objectivism. I went on to re-read Atlas several times and, because of finding this website, I am re-reading it again! Love it. I'm SO excited about the prospect of the movie. I can see Brad Pitt as either Hank or John, but I don't know about Angelina for Dagny. I think someone more "severe" looking, not voluptous, but Angelina might be able to carry it off.

Anyway, I have been posting on another forum for people who have someone in their lives who has Borderline Personality Disorder and wants help/support in dealing with them. Some of the posters there are Objectivists or at least enjoy Ayn Rand's writings. Someone there started a thread about it and I found myself posting attempts at explaining certain concepts like "selfishness" and "altruism" from and Objectivist point of view. So many people on the site have real problems with establishing boundaries and saying "no" to their BPDs, and it seems to me that it is at least partly because they were taught that it is proper to put others before themselves at all times, and they feel guilty when they don't or can't.

I realized as I was posting just how ingrained her philosophy has become in me. I just "get" it. I was surprised at myself - how easily and eloquently I could speak of it. And I haven't really done much thinking about it consciously for years. Except in this indirect way: My husband's exwife is the BPD in my life, possibly his son too. One of the main "features" of BPD is a HUGE sense of entitlement and no sense of self-responsibility. They tend to blame EVERYTHING on something or someone outside of themselves. Often, they have big problems with working and employment, among other things, including being almost incapable of being rational. Does this description remind you of Ayn's negative characters? They DO exist.

I'm so pleased I found this site, and I am especially pleased that Barbara Branden is here. It seems as though many of you are former "insiders" and actually knew Ayn in person. I would have loved to have met her. I see you as possibly being able to answer questions I might have asked her if I could!

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Hi! I'm Canadian also, and part of the reason I occasionally post here is to support Barbara Branden, and by implication Nathaniel Branden, in the current nonsense against them.

Hope you enjoy it here.

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