Anyone know Korean slang?

Fred Cole

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I'm writing something and I want to include some Korean slang terms.

I found some on the Urban Dictionary, but I'd like independent verification of some of them before I use them.


korean slang term for cigarettes


Korean slang: Literally means to become a retarded lunatic This word is used to describe someone who is really fucked up mentally.

Sip means pussy(Korean slang).

Pal means sale.

Sip Pal means that you are a bastard or a hooker.


Korean slang for the female genitalia.

kab/ kkap

kkab is a Korean slang. Comes from the phrase “kkab chi neun” which means you are so energetic that you are almost annoying. It can also mean that you are overdoing and overreacting. Meaning dancing in a crazy, dorky and funny way. Shaking the whole of your body in a weird and humorous way. The actions are very big and all the dance actions are emphasized to the fullest.

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