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I figured I'd drop by and say hi so I don't get deleted or anything. I've got a new account on the OO forums and I figured I'd sign up for these. If I can find any other decent sites, I'll likely frequent them as well. I got into Objectivism by reading Atlas Shrugged and it's definitely the lifestyle for me. I don't know why I never thought of the idea of searching for Objectivist forums or websites before..

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Welcome to Objectivist Living.

You'll find that this forum is a lot more free-thinking than other forums. We have lots of unorthodox Objectivists and Objectivism-influenced thinkers here. So don't worry, you won't get deleted :)

So, why not tell us a few things about yourself? What you like about Objectivism? What you are not sure about? etc.

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Actually, the thought of deletion was in response to "On visiting another forum, I discovered that I just probably deleted a real poster who signed on today. I thought he he was a robot spam program, but I just saw the same fantasy name on the other forum. Sometimes, even with all the barriers in place, a robot program will manage to sign on. In these cases, Kat and I delete them by hand" in the thread "Please note when you sign up."

I've basically always been an Objectivist. I always thought that logic should be the defining factor for any choices and should also be used to resolve conflicts. I was also a perfectionist when I cared, but I didn't care about anything. Earlier in my life, I was on the fence about Christianity. If a God exists, how can he be unfathomable? Isn't being able to identify something proof of its existence? If nothing, why can't I perceive Him with any of my senses? Why doesn't He talk to me if He's supposed to guide me, console me, push me on to do great things? How can I be a conduit for Him if I don't know His wants for me? Etcetera. I'm extremely cynical and as far as "faith" goes, I don't and have never had it in anyone or anything except myself, but even then, I was apathetic and nihilistic and thus lacked passion. I didn't feel like God existed, so it seemed to me that I could live my life for something I didn't believe in and be empty, or live my life without Him and die without purpose. I discovered Atlas Shrugged (and it's a pity I can't remember how!) and it changed my life entirely.

I like most of the Objectivism I found in Atlas Shrugged. I don't take it to quite the extreme level that some do, but what I find I like, I keep. I'm eager to read more of Rand's works and I'll do so as soon as the summer courses I'm attending are over. The thing that changed me the most is that I now have a focus on myself as an individual and there's no debt, no duty, no responsibility to other people; I own myself and my actions. I CAN BE proud. It's not a sin, it's a virtue. It's a weapon by which to enforce my standards and push myself to greater achievements! I exist to fulfill my goals and wishes, not those of society or a God that doesn't even seem to exist.

It's just a rush. Everything about it. Capitalism is apparently the best way to go as far as economics are concerned. One man produces a good that someone wants, the other man buys the good with the money he's earned from his sold ability. The producer gets money and the consumer gets a good; both benefit and the quality of life is raised! Even if only a little bit!

So far, I'm not confused or unsure of anything I've encountered. That is likely to change since I'm actively amongst other Objectivists and will be reading more Rand soon, but I'm sure I'll come to conclusions on my own or with the help of others.

Long story short, Objectivism has changed my life for the better and I think everybody should at least read Atlas Shrugged or another of Rands' works. It'd either break down their current views or it'd reinforce them.

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