Jack Sheldon, R.I.P.

George H. Smith

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Jazz trumpet player and vocalist Jack Sheldon has died. Sheldon was one of Chris Sciabarra's favorite musicians.

Here is a very brief bio:

Here is Sheldon fooling around with one of this best friends, Dom DeLuise. Watch Dom's face while Jack plays the trumpet. Priceless.


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I was going to post this also. Sheldon had a stroke about a month ago and succumbed yesterday.

Great voice, hilarious standup comedian and a completely unique horn sound that no one could duplicate.

Since you are up at all hours like I am, you would really enjoy this radio program Red Eye Radio with Doug McIntyre because he is a complete Jazz guy. Additionally, he is a history guy and George Washington aficionado.

This was the playlist last night after he announced that Sheldon had died. McIntyre and his wife made a documentary about Sheldon also. They had visited him about two weeks ago and were truly devastated by his death.

The world has lost a tremendous talent, the great Jack Sheldon (the subject of Doug & wife Penny's documentary Trying To Get Good - the Jazz Odyssey of Jack Sheldon) has died. We're talking about his life & music on the show.

link to documentary


A.) Midnight Blue - Melissa Manchester

B.) Maynard & Waynard - Wayne Bergeron

C.) Palisades Park - Freddie Cannon


A.) One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer - Jimmie Maddin

B.) The Shadow of Your Smile - Jack Sheldon

C.) Rocking Chair - Eric Clapton


A.) Just In Time - Jack Sheldon

B.) Conjunction Junction - Jack Sheldon

C.) Born To Lose - Jack Sheldon


* I Can't Get Started - Jack Sheldon

A.) Such a Night - Dr. John & Klaus Voormann

B.) Singin' The Blues - Allen Tousaint

C.) On the Sunny Side of The Street - Jack Sheldon

Here is the link to which stations carry his show:

Radio Stations for Red Eye

WRPW 92.9 FM Bloomington/Normal Illinois is one of the stations that carry his show.

I also am sure that you could get on and be a guest if you worked it right.


been meaning to tell you about this show for a while

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Well, it looks like Jack Sheldon is still among the living.

There has been a lot of discussion about this story on the JazzWest Coast Yahoo list. Some guy in Arizona named Jack Sheldon died, and one JWCer thought he might have been mistaken for the musician Jack Sheldon. But when the report seemed confirmed, e.g., by a notice on Sheldon's facebook page, I posted my notice here.

But now comes this info from another JWC member:

Jazz Times has rescinded their obit. According to his family, he is "alive and well" (tho' I think he HAS had some recent serious health issues).



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News of my death is greatly exaggerated --- Mark Twain

Ba'al Chatzaf

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News of my death is greatly exaggerated --- Mark Twain

Ba'al Chatzaf

LOL!! That's a wonderful one from Mark Twain's bonanza of bon mots.

Regarding the discussion about plagiarizing on another OL thread - if I were a victim of plagiarizing, I suppose these words by Twain would help me in dealing with it philosophically:

"It is better to deserve honors and not have them than to have them and not deserve them."

--- Mark Twain

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