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Except for the swimsuits, the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue would be a bust.


Many busts, actually.

I can't believe that I stooped to this playground humor, but then neither can I believe that you let that setup line get by you. :lol:

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Another sign of thaw is that people are citing and linking to JARS articles over there. Imagine if Andrew Bernstein did that!

Now here's a genuine shocker. I got this by doing a screenshot, then the file was too big so I cropped it. OO has these rotating quotes, most are from Ayn Rand, but there's quite a few other authors they use, standard libertarian people mixed with inspirational stuff. Even Confucius I recall seeing once. But this author (!):


Now granted they misspell the name, but still, WTF!! Didn't they get the airbrushing memo?

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