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Found 4 results

  1. Woke Snacks (LOL feasting on woke) I've been trying to figure out a way to open a humor thread laughing at absurd examples of woke culture. It has to be more than memes and jokes, although those are part of the party. And if you have any, please post. But I want a place where something more also has a place. I think this thread might do it. Here is a perfect example of what I am talking about. ================================================= EDIT: This section between the equal sign string has been edited due to Nanny Twitter and other tech giants censoring the tweet and video for your own good. Note: Twitter deleted a tweet by James Woods. But there is a James Woods deleted tweets archive and it is there: Tweet by @RealJamesWoods | PolitiTweet POLITITWEET.ORG Here is James's text if that ever goes down. He was talking about a video with CJ Pearson in it. For some reason, Twitter left up the original video up in the Newsmax account: And to show miracle of miracles, Facebook kept it up. Log into Facebook WWW.FACEBOOK.COM Log into Facebook to start sharing and connecting with your friends, family, and people you know. More information can be gotten at The Gateway Pundit: "Do You Think You Get to Tell Black People What to Do?" - EPIC! - CJ Pearson DESTROYS Angry Racist on MSNBC (VIDEO) WWW.THEGATEWAYPUNDIT.COM If you are in search of some good news, watch CJ Pearson refuse to live on the Democrat plantation. This young man is a true patriot. Back in September 2020, Young conservative and Trump supporter, C. J... And here's a video copy on Rumble that will never be deleted. Now, goddammit, maybe this post will no longer be mutilated by Big Bully Tech. My comment below the section break marker (which ends the edit) pertains to this video. White Liberal Tells Black Conservative To "Think For Yourself," His Response Is EPIC RUMBLE.COM Watch CJ Pearson epic response when a white liberal woman tells him to think for himself. ================================================= Watch the crazy-ass racist woke white lady turn beet red as CJ tears into her. LOL. It's funny as all get out... As this thread unfolds, I think it is going to be a hoot. Michael
  2. Anti-Authoritarian Activism Normally, people use Alinsky's Rules for Radicals or Machiavelli, Robert Greene, etc., for political activism. And they work--both for and against authoritarians. The problem is not becoming an authoritarian oneself as one gains power. Look what happened with the left, which is now a parody of its former self and a direct reflection of everything it used to fight against. Abuse of censorship, search and seizure, imprisonment, lockdowns and curfews, lynching (figuratively) by accusation alone, and on and on and on. It might be useful to discuss these different tactics as we go along. For now, Styx came out with a fantastic video on what one person can do about the encroaching Davos globalism China bullshit, pandemics and all. Four ways YOU Can Help Weaken Globalist Authoritarianism! WWW.BITCHUTE.COM 1. Archive everything and deprive the legacy media of revenue 2. Howl scorn and mockery at globalism and its wonks as often as possible 3. Get civically involved and do something local for local or state... Here's the blurb. A quick comment on each point. 1. is now what the Wayback Machine used to be. (Politically, it is now trash.) Except Archive is crowd-sourced. People put links there and the program archives the content as a snapshot in time. It also gets around many paywalls. The reason to do this is that modern "narrative controllers" are always removing content or altering it so they can rewrite history and lie to the public. Also, "narrative controllers" often attack a person with smears to get clicks, ones that pay in advertiser bucks. So why engage in sanction of the victim, that is, contribute to the bottom line of a company/person smearing you in order to refute them? Do your refuting using Archive and they don't receive a dime in revenues. 2. The new authoritarians have extremely thin skins and cannot stand scorn and mockery. Fortunately, people love memes and the authoritarians go nuts over memes made about them. So, I don't know about you, but I gotta meme. The entire Internet memed bullshit like that Ministry of Truth lady right out of the public eye. This is a pure case the spirit being willing, but the flesh being weak. Who can resist the temptation to poke fun at bullshit or share a good laugh about it? And schadenfreude at the expense of control freaks often comes with the payoff. Who can resist that? 3. Get involved in civics, especially at the local level--that is pure Steve Bannon. I keep seeing people surprised at how easy it is to get elected or appointed to some local office. Many of these positions remain vacant simply because no one shows up. Here's a great place to get information about civic involvement: Dan Schulz's Precinct Strategy. This particular project (out of several) has been so successful, President Trump has talked about it. This is one of the forces behind the massive red tidal wave coming in the midterms. 4. Styx is right. Learn new shit. Get new skills. You may need to know how to do things if the entire shebang falls apart. At the very least, you will not be so dependent on the government or authoritarian system for basic survival. Not if you know how to do a garden and cook food, or have the skills to build a shelter. That kind of thing. Styx says even practicing a guitar is good. It a worst case scenario, you can set up someplace where people are passing by and put out a hat. That's better than a government breadline. Out of the four, I do three. I'm not big in local civics. I live in Illinois and all I want to do is get out of here. There are a few things still holding me here, but they are being resolved and, once I leave, I never want to come back. Life is too short for this bullshit. Oh, the people are not that bad here, and the traffic laws work pretty good (you haven't seen dangerous driving until you have been to São Paulo or Rio do Janeiro), but it's like living around a cult. You always have to be on guard about what you can and cannot say. And this weird woke racism is in everything. All the time. Also, there is a lot of nanny-state horseshit in your life. It just doesn't go away and it will not leave you alone. At any rate, those recommendations by Styx are great. Do them if you are feeling overwhelmed. Just knowing you are striking blows against the authoritarians when you do them makes you feel great inside. It doesn't matter how small the blows are. Be one of the thousand cuts that kill the beast... Michael
  3. The Mouse That Is No Longer Roaring This post is simple. Disney screwed up. Get woke, go broke. Michael
  4. Woke NBA - Mark Cuban Style This one is going to be short. The NBA has recently decided it's main purpose is propaganda, not basketball. Now, after embracing the Black Lives Matter propaganda in professional basketball, Mark Cuban, who owns the Dallas Mavericks, is starting to wonder why the audience is going away. So he goes into marketer mode. But it ain't working. That's just one reaction out of countless ones saying the same thing. But Cuban is not discussing anything with them. There you have it. How to produce Woke Basketball on Twitter. This just started and it is already getting brutal. Not even the Big Shark in Shark Tank can sell Woke Basketball and has to run from his audience for trying. Keep pissing on your audience, Mark. Keep calling them racists. Then keep wondering why they leave. You're the bigot, not your customers. Michael