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Found 2 results

  1. UFO - Not Conspiracy Theory Anymore As Jimmy Dore just pointed out, now that CNN has reported it, UFO's are no longer the domain of tin foil hat conspiracy theorists. As the gatekeeper to PermittedThink, CNN and the other fakenews mainstream media will tell you what to think and when it's OK to change the party line. Until then, especially about asking questions like during elections, just consume and agree and obey... obey... obey... As an aside, even Jimmy noted that the use of the term "conspiracy theory" was established by the CIA right after the Kennedy assassination to shut down discussions. Anyway, in the video below, Jimmy posts tracking feed of UFO's from Navy pilots. And the UFO's do things that the Navy equipment cannot keep up with. At least the aliens will be happy to know CNN approves of talking about them. Otherwise, they would not exist at all. There is power in the press... Thank God here in America we have CNN and a mainstream media establishment that can tell us what to think and when to think so we don't have to. Michael
  2. The Reemergence of the Witch Doctor In For the New Intellectual, Ayn Rand divided the shaker and maker archetypes of human history into four: the Atilla, the Witch Doctor, the Producer, and ultimately and more recently, the Intellectual. She didn't specifically posit it in these terms, that is, four, but that's what emerged by the end of the essay. (Also, she credited Nathaniel Branden for coming up with the terms Atilla and Witch Doctor.) btw - I believe Intellectual also includes or overlaps with mass media and art for modern times. An Intellectual, to be a shaker and maker, has to have enough appeal and reach to influence the public, or at least influence people who have large audiences of their own. Recently, we have seen the true purpose emerge of the globalism movement, a technocratic dictatorship. And they mean to rule by force, as did Atilla of old. However, instead of using clubs and knives, etc., modern force is comprised of bioweapons, nanoparticles, and the like. But the modern drive to a technocratic dictatorship is not taking. It is floundering. One of the Big Kahunas, Bill Gates, is being pilloried in the modern mind. People are demanding freedom. Freedom-based populism is sprouting up all over the world and the Davos-like image of not owning anything, but having everything, is being treated as a crackpot idea. So I think some smart people among the elitist oligarchs realized that an essential element to selling a dictatorship is the Witch Doctor. And I'm serious about this. I know I'm painting in broad strokes right now (details, news articles, data and so forth can happen in the comments), but this concept is important, especially for the story wars of engineering consent. The globalist technocratic dictatorship people need a religion to help sell their dominance to the masses. And a doozy is emerging--with people left and right asking why this stuff is coming out right at this moment with all kinds of important people pushing it. UFO's. Think about it. If the oligarchs can get people to think the government is in contact with aliens from outer space, voila! Instant the new gods--technocratic gods perfectly formatted to prop up a technocratic dictatorship. Then new technocratic Witch Doctors will appear to translate and communicate the messages from these UFO gods--and these messages will be about technocratic domination over each individual, of course. I'm not talking about whether space aliens exist. That's a different topic. I'm talking about the oligarchs bluffing about space aliens and creating new Witch Doctors. They tried scientism as a new religion, but that didn't work. Not even phrases like "I fucking love science" nor hucksters like Bill Nye the science guy made a dent with the public when it came to obedience on a large scale. Nope. The public didn't go for it. The closest this attempt got was with COVID-19, Fauci and The Scarf Lady. But now that control is going the way of the Dodo Bird. They also tried transhumanism as a new religion, but the public found the idea of becoming RoboCops or uploading their souls to an Internet cloud and so on icky. So that didn't take. But now there are potential gods from out there--UFO gods. Gazillians of 'em when you turn loose the storytellers. And the technocratic dictators can use real technical advances in all spheres to bluff UFO miracle-making for a while to bolster the stories. So that is something we can expect to see soon on the horizon. Don't fall for it. Here's the stance I am taking. When these Witch Doctors appear, and I'm not talking about science fiction entertainment, but instead, actual religions (even if they are not called religions), that is, religions that organize large masses of people and influence government policies, if they come with scientific advances that empower individuals qua individuals, I will look deeper and encourage others to do so. If they come with scientific advances that boil down to giving up individuality to merge with a collective, I will not go along, I will not comply. And if they tout making undoable changes to my biology because some alien or alien race said this is the path to transcendence, I won't walk away. I will run. For the New Intellectual is probably Ayn Rand's most flawed essay (due her comments about other philosophers and some other items). But, in my view, her division of human history makers into the archetypes of the Atilla, the Witch Doctor, the Producer, and the Intellectual is right up there with her greatest insights. And now we can look forward to friggin' UFO religions as proof. Michael