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Found 2 results

  1. There's Something Off About Kyle As we all know, the Deep State went after Kyle Rittenhouse--in court and in the press--for a year and a half over the shootings in the Kenosha August, 2020 riot. Kyle was recently found by a trial jury as not guilty on all counts. Here on OL, there is a thread giving an overview of the press coverage during that time. You can read it here, but beware, it's a long thread. Most of it is a series of tweets by a guy named Drew Holden. And the gist is that the press was a total fraud and propaganda machine for a year and a half on this one issue. (The fake news media is on other issues, too, but I would rather not bring them into this discussion.) The long and short if it is that Kyle did nothing wrong except shoot at people in self-defense, and that is neither wrong nor illegal. He then got railroaded. And he beat the machine that was trying to railroad him. Now he is going to sue the pants off those who defamed him, so he will become a rich man. That's a happy story for all of us, right? So why are there some dark undertones appearing? This is not conspiracy theory stuff. And the undertones are provable. So instead of this affair being a good against evil story, there is a shadow lurking behind the light. Here are a few items to show what I mean. 1. The first is a weird greenscreen fail in the video of the trial itself. Rittenhouse Greenscreen Trial WWW.BITCHUTE.COM Nothing, nothing, not - a - thing is real!!! Its beyond a movie, a farce- we are all being made fools of. Why not let's shake the world awake with tales of adrenochrome..... enough of this movie!!! This came out a few days ago and I recall seeing several different angles of it. But now that I started looking for those examples for this post, it seems like the search engine algorithms are in overdrive. I'm not going to waste time on running down the links, especially since this item set the conspiracy fringe on fire. They are not as careful in their sourcing and conclusions as they could be as they tend to speak with absolute certainty. So sifting through all that, including the fake news media stuff which is even worse, is like cleaning the Augean stables. I have better things to do. So let's leave this item at the following place. I don't know if the greenscreen malfunction is real or the entire thing is a hoax. There's a video, others have posted about it, and my gut tells me it is real. And if it is real, what the hell is it about? People are not supposed to use greenscreen effects when filming a trial. 2. Two dark undertones came from Kyle's recent interview with Tucker. To start, here is the interview: Tucker Carlson Interview With Kyle Rittenhouse WWW.BITCHUTE.COM Now the weird stuff. The first is that Kyle said he supports Black Lives Matter. I don't know what to make of that. Kyle has right to his opinion, but seeing what he just went through for a year and a half--precisely because of a BLM riot--it does not compute. Instant cognitive dissonance. To elaborate, I recall that during Obama's administration, the Tea Party was formed and subsequently invaded, watered down and essentially neutralized for a while. And the watering down started with shit like this. Is this the same? I don't know. But my antenna is wiggling. The next weird thing is the way Kyle came out against Lin Wood. He claimed that Lin Wood kept him in jail for 87 days so he could run a grift. He also included John Pierce. And he said Lin disobeyed his wishes in keeping him in jail. The way the interview went, it seems like Kyle discovered the grift and fired these lawyers. But I was paying attention back then. I never heard a peep about this. Instead, I saw Kyle go off on Lin for his weird remarks about Mike Pence being a pedophile and murderer. And that was when Lin left being called his lawyer in public. I have a feeling there is a lot of there there backstage on this story. After all, two millions dollars were collected and used for bail. Now Kyle is out, which means the money has to be returned from the courts, and lots of people are looking at that cool $2M. As I understand it, this money should go back to the people who posted it. But apparently there are those who think otherwise. Now, from everything I know about Lin Wood, he is an honest man. Maybe he has a screw loose about Pence and maybe he is overly-religious, but I just don't see him keeping a young man in jail for almost three months so he can grift two million dollars, with plans on getting his mitts on it after the court returns it. Like it or not, that money was used to get Kyle out of jail. And it did. Frankly, from what Kyle said, openly saying Lin kept him in jail to raise money for himself, it looks like Lyle committed libel. I wonder how that's going to play out seeing that Lin is one of the country's top defamation lawyers. I can't help but smell a Neocon or other and Deep Staters in the middle of this, not to mention real grifters. If that's true, Kyle is in for another harsh lesson in life. Now... I'm going to do something here that nobody else is doing. I'm going to present Lin's side, at least his first comment on his Telegram account. That's only fair, isn't it? So why is nobody else doing it? At least in the mainstream? Isn't this exactly what they did to Kyle? Here is the text: So... Nobody got in touch with Lin to get his side before airing a smear of that size. And they screwed up the details like professional relationships. Hmmmmm... Where have I seen this behavior before? Think about it... So here we are. Unfortunately. And I bet a lot more is coming. I was fully celebrating the David and Goliath story of Kyle beating the bad guys. But, like the saying goes, follow the money. When you follow the money, you almost always get to the shadow. I sure hope this story stays a hero story and does not turn into a Trojan Horse story. We'll just have to wait and see what comes up to be sure. I'm hoping, but I'm not hopeful... Michael
  2. UFO - Not Conspiracy Theory Anymore As Jimmy Dore just pointed out, now that CNN has reported it, UFO's are no longer the domain of tin foil hat conspiracy theorists. As the gatekeeper to PermittedThink, CNN and the other fakenews mainstream media will tell you what to think and when it's OK to change the party line. Until then, especially about asking questions like during elections, just consume and agree and obey... obey... obey... As an aside, even Jimmy noted that the use of the term "conspiracy theory" was established by the CIA right after the Kennedy assassination to shut down discussions. Anyway, in the video below, Jimmy posts tracking feed of UFO's from Navy pilots. And the UFO's do things that the Navy equipment cannot keep up with. At least the aliens will be happy to know CNN approves of talking about them. Otherwise, they would not exist at all. There is power in the press... Thank God here in America we have CNN and a mainstream media establishment that can tell us what to think and when to think so we don't have to. Michael