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Found 1 result

  1. Earthquakes in Grid Pattern? See for yourself... This one is important. Some serious monkey-business is afoot. Start with this video. It looks like a conspiracy theory from a religious person, but the facts are correct. You don't have to agree with an end-of-times interpretation to look at the facts. So look. EMERGENCY ALERT FOR LA PALMA!!!! EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!!!! THIS VIDEO COULD SAVE MILLIONS OF LIVES. WWW.BITCHUTE.COM TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT JOINING CHARLIE WARDS INSIDER'S CLUB CLICK HERE; Charlies FREE Newsletter Get the latest information on 5G at... I myself looked. And here is what I did. I went to the website and saw for myself. This shit is real. The friggin' video said links were provided below the video, but there were none. I will provide links, though. So let's do this. Note. If you follow along and do what I did on your own computer or device, at least during the current time, you will see what I am providing below. And for the record, I am documenting this with screenshots and links. 1. First go to the following site and click on the links given in the image below. European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC). This is what the site looks like on my computer as of this post. 2. On the new page, you should see something like the following. I have highlighted the the Canary Islands, Spain Region and the Zoom Controls. (On my computer, I can also use the Mouse Wheel for zooming. Also, left-click anywhere on the map at the link and you will be able to move the map around.) In the left column, notice how many Canary Islands, Spain Region earthquakes there are. This will be different for you since this is dynamic information. Also, somehow, I managed to set my time frame for the last 48 hours. I believe you will have a shorter time frame. But if you want a different time frame, click around the site at other links and you will eventually find where to change the setting. (Sorry, since 48 hours works for this point, I'm too lazy right now to go over all that hunt and peck stuff again. ) At any rate, start zooming in on the Canary Islands on the east coast of Africa. Zoom in on the red circle blotch. 3. Here are some screenshots of what it looks like as I zoom in. First zoom. I'm making the pic a little smaller for easier scrolling. Second zoom. Notice that the red circles, indicating earthquakes. They are really intense on the island of Santa Cruz de la Palma. Third zoom. This is just the island of Santa Cruz de la Palma. Look at that concentration of earthquakes in the south. Fourth zoom. Look at how the earthquakes are aligning in a grid pattern. Fifth zoom. That grid pattern is not a glitch. 4. So what does all this mean? The first thing is that earthquakes do not happen in nature in grid patterns. They happen in random patterns, even when close together. So this sucker is being engineered. The second is that the earthquakes are impacting a volcano on the island, making it erupt and flow. See here. Dozens of earthquakes hit volcanic area on Spain’s La Palma | Main | English edition | Agencia EFE WWW.EFE.COM The area around the volcano that erupted on the Canary Island of La Palma was shaken by some 79 earth tremors early Sunday, the Spanish National Geographic Institute (IGN) said.. Dozens of earthquakes hit... According to the conspiracy theory people, this is happening to provoke a massive tidal wave that will obliterate the eastern seaboard of North and South America. That means Washington DC and New York. With the ensuing chaos, it would be easy for the Biden junta to declare martial law. Or the globalists to step in. On the other hand, if these earthquakes are being engineered by the Chinese or Iranians, etc., what better attack on the USA? I don't yet understand the physics involved, so I'm leaving open the possibility that these engineered grid-pattern earthquakes are simply an experiment in volcano control and it's all copacetic. But I'm only doing that as a technicality. After seeing what the bad guys have been doing these last few decades with bioweapons, stolen elections, financial bullshit, endless wars for profit, etc., I put a lot more stock on an evil, hostile motive behind it all. At the very least, this needs to be looked at and explained to the public. And quick. Michael