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Found 15 results

  1. Deep State Unraveling Well, well, well... Things are getting real and real uncomfortable for the Deep State bullies. From Breitbart (Joshua Caplan reporting): Report: DOJ Review of Russia Probe Origins Is Now Criminal Investigation Do you know why I led with Breitbart's report and not the NYT's? Spin. Look at the garbage NYT headline below trying to make the Justice Department look like it doesn't know what it is doing. From the NYT via MSN (Katie Benner and Adam Goldman reporting): Justice Dept. Is Said to Open Criminal Inquiry Into Its Own Russia Investigation The article isn't much better in terms of spin. And there's this. Even though I'm happy about this news, the NYT sources continue to be drawn from their bottomless Anonymous Pool, in this case "two people familiar with the matter." There are some hard facts about Durham moving his investigation to criminal status. But they are layered in between a mountain of garbage. Here are a few excerpts: But no amount of spin can blank the "criminal investigation" part out of existence. For those who think like I do, here's some fun. Look at the bullies below as they sputter and stutter in between a bit too zealous "grasping at straws" moments. There's still a long road to travel, but this is one of those moments to stop and savor. Comeuppance is coming for the bad guys and they are starting to sweat. Michael
  2. Ukraine and Endless War for Profit It looks like more idiocy for America is coming in order to benefit war profiteers (meaning a good part of the Deep State). But for people to understand what is happening, rather than post articles and so on, here is a super-short basic fundaments version. When the Soviet Union dismantled, instead of state-owned companies going to the people (as was propagandized), they went to former KGB people who are now called oligarchs. And how did the process happen, the nuts and bolts? Easy--and it all comes down to one word: Ukraine. All the monkey-business went on in Ukraine. That's why in all the political corruption happening nowadays, the word Ukraine keeps coming up. Lots of people went there to get rich with embezzled monies, including Biden & Co. (But let's not forget about Manafort & Co., and the Clinton folks, and a whole bunch of others. ) Now Biden is tanking in the polls and his butt is owned by oligarchs and others in Ukraine (especially from his son's corrupt ventures). So what better way to solve it all than a sudden war for profit? To make it look good, they have been antagonizing Russia to try to goad Putin into overreacting. Then they can send in American troops and look justified. What an idea! The war-profiteers and the entire Deep State jumps with joy. The predator class swoons in ecstasy. Maybe a war turns Biden's poll numbers around. At least he can get operatives into Ukraine and "solve" inconvenient issues where he is vulnerable during the chaos of war. There are other benefits, too. Meanwhile, young Americans will come home in body bags and everybody will say what patriots they are--as the predator class reaches for another glass of 30 year old scotch. Yeah, right. But this time people are looking and they are not liking what they see. As example, the only source I want to use for this opening post is a tweet that prompts a question. It's not even in the weeds about Ukraine. In case the tweet goes down, this is a tweet by Jack Posobiec. Text repeated below: We're watching, assholes. It ain't gonna be easy this time. Hopefully, it ain't gonna happen at all. Michael
  3. The January 6, 2021 Capitol Riot Horse Hooey Today is January 6, one year later, and there is going to be a lot of crap said everywhere. Essentially, the so-called riot was a setup to help get rid of Trump. Since there was no riot, some Deep State agitators managed to get Trump supporters at his rally to go into the capitol building. After that, the fake news press had a field day and we have another story to rival "muh Russians." Notice how much evidence is still being withheld. Notice how few people at that event are charged with violence. Notice how many were charged with misdemeanors, but were held in solitary confinement for months. As this thread unfolds, I intend to present evidence that has come out about the setup and how it happened. And probably some stuff on how propaganda works. For now, I just need to say that the The January 6, 2021 capitol riot horse hooey was a setup against Trump and Trump supporters. It's time that this becomes the frame. Why? Because it's true. Truth is the best frame possible. And the most long-lasting. Stay tuned. A hell of a lot more is coming... Michael
  4. The Biden Troubles Where to start? (For later readers, this thread was started 8 days before the 2020 Election.) There are several threads all over OL dealing with this idea or that (election, Deep State, social media, etc.), but the news about the Bidens gets scattered among them. This Biden topic is about way more than just election news. This is the tip of the iceberg in probably one of the biggest scandals in American History. (Heh. And I thought that dishonor belonged to Hillary Clinton and the Deep State. At least they are caught up in this Biden mess enough to not walk away Scott free.) So far with the Bidens, we have two major areas of scandal unfolding. Here's a summary. Scandal No. 1: Joe Biden selling himself and his office. This boils down to Joe running a shakedown operation for years and/or accepting bribes, even while he was Vice President under President Obama. It mostly worked like the following, and for the sake of simplicity, this is the VP version. Joe Biden has done this all his life whenever he has had political power, so it will look different for different times and situations in his life, but the underlying process will be the same. 1. Joe will take on the responsibility of becoming the point man to resolve an important issue. 2. He will establish contact with the people who are causing the problem. There will be a family member along with him. 3. He will negotiate with those who have the problem, then after some time passes, he was "fail." They will lose. The problem was too complicated, the people were too intransigent, certain conditions were not met, etc. etc. etc., but he will indicate to them that the problem-handling is not over and there is still hope for a better day. 4. The family member, who will have disappeared by now, will suddenly have a sweetheart deal from the people who caused the problem and won. 5. That family member will make sure Joe gets his money and he will make sure the money is distributed correctly to the partners and other family members through different schemes. As VP, here are just three issues Biden "failed" at in this manner. -- VP Joe went to Iraq to negotiate a Status of Forces agreement, meaning US troops could stay there. Oops. He failed. Jim Biden (Joe's brother) soon got a 1.5 billion dollar housing redevelopment contract in Iraq. -- VP Joe went to China to get the Chinese Communist Party to settle disputes re the South China Sea and to get lower tariffs. Oops. Another fail by Joe. China built island military bases in the South China Sea (as The Philippines and other island countries went "Gulp"), and raised tariffs. Joe's son, Hunter, and his pals suddenly got a huge amount of business from Chinese companies linked to the CPP--millions and billions of dollars of business. -- VP Joe went to the Ukraine to help tackle the rampant corruption there in order to make the country more palatable for international investors. Oops. Joe failed again. The oligarchs there (one big one in particular) got off Scott free. Even the people investigating them stopped investigating them. (It's complicated, I know. Right? Poor Joe. ). Then Joe's son, Hunter, gets placed on the board of the energy company Burisma, with millions of dollars flowing around all over the place for Hunter, his pals, and other fellow travelers, and wouldn't you know it? Burisma is owned by one of the corrupt oligarchs. It looks like the people involved in helping set up these deals and cover them up go all the way up to President Obama. I have little doubt corroboration is coming along with a reckoning. A big honking ugly reckoning. Scandal No. 2: Hunter Biden. Joe's son, Hunter, is a mess. He's addicted to crack cocaine and likes taking explicit sex pictures and videos of himself. It looks like he has been engaged in some pedophilia and incest while he's at it. (Did his parents know and did they cover it up? That's a big deal if so.) All of this is mostly tabloid stuff, but the real issue is that Hunter is careless about leaving tracks all over the damn place. For example, he left his laptop at a repair shop and simply didn't go pick it up. Then it became the property of the shop owner. In other words, whatever is coming out now in the alt news and (against its will) the mainstream news is already in the hands of the Chinese Communist Party, the secret services of different foreign governments, the Deep State right here in the USA, and God knows where else. Does anyone think Hunter Biden, and by extension, Joe Biden can be compromised to do the bidding of powers hostile to the USA? How about if Joe Biden is President? How does that sound? How far would he go to protect his son? On the personal side, Hunter's father put him in contact with some nasty dangerous world players. Hunter has to be wondering when he will get knocked off or kidnapped. He has to. (Thanks, dad...) And that's not good in a person with crack addiction. He becomes totally unpredictable. Also, there are a lot of pro-Trump people who think exploiting the Hunter Biden debauchery material is distasteful, etc. etc. etc., and it distracts from the bribery, money laundering and other crimes. I believe it does not. The public can certainly gossip about more than one thing at a time. I've seen it with my own two innocent eyes. On the positive side, I think this gross material provides a sunlit open window for the public to see how the ruling class acts and how vulnerable many of them are. These elitists, these rich and powerful ruling class people--and their families--do things that affect you and me in our daily lives. Saying they are perverted and vulnerable is not nearly as persuasive as showing it. If President Trump gets reelected (he will ) and goes on to take down a huge number of these horrible people, it is much better that the public have an image of what is going on so they believe it, rather than just words that can be twisted by massive fake news campaigns to fit narratives. So be warned that there will be some raunchy stuff on this thread. But I want to make it clear that this raunchy stuff will be accessed through links, not shown directly in the thread. If anyone posts explicit sex pictures on OL, I will take them down. I will try to dig up some pertinent posts already on OL and repost them in this thread (or at least link to them with commentary) just so people interested in this topic don't have to search all over the place. Also, as new disclosures come out, I will put them here as I become aware of them. Please feel free to add new material. I can't guarantee the information here will be in any kind of order, but at least skimming through one thread is easier than looking all over the place. I have mixed feelings about doing this thread. I'm glad to help take down bad guys. But I'm sad this is happening here in the USA. I'm amused at times. But, also, more than anything else, I'm pissed. Like with any toxic problem, we either clean it up or die from it. So, let's live. Time to raise the old shirtsleeves and dig in. Michael
  5. The Mouse That Is No Longer Roaring This post is simple. Disney screwed up. Get woke, go broke. Michael
  6. My Take on Q There are only a few threads on OL where Q is discussed and a lot of what goes on is misleading. As people on OL speak for themselves and not in the name of any group-think, here is my own take on Q. I speak as Michael. And, as usual, I start with trying to identify correctly so I can judge correctly. Later, after this opening post, I might remember things that have been posted on OL about Q that are illuminating, so as I find them, I will post them. Also, I don't want to restrict anyone from posting, so be advised that people who demean Q tend to find the least representative fringe proponents with odd ideas and set them up as typical. Those who do this tend to post a lot, and then some more, in order to shut down discussions through the sheer number of posts (generally with mockery as subtext). This manner of thinking is reminiscent of bigotry--for example, thugs represent what blacks really are, greedy bastards represent what Jews really are, terrorists represent what Muslims really are, etc. If a person posted strings of posts showing only thugs, greedy bastards and terrorists to represent blacks, Jews and Muslims, and never mentioned average blacks, Jews and Muslims, a reasonable person will conclude that this is how that person sees blacks, Jews and Muslims, i.e., through a bigoted lens. If this happens here, I will point it out and, if you are like me and want to evaluate the Q issue as reasonably as you can--with your own mind--amidst all the yelling, you are invited to jump over that material. I, for one, will keep posting what I think. So just ignore the excessive crap. Anywho, here goes my take, which I have presented before. Peter asked a very good questions a few days ago. I responded with this: Here are some links Jon provided to more serious folks who discuss Q online: Also, below is one of the most criticized videos about Q I have come across. The critics call it recruiting propaganda. And I guess it is in a certain sense, but recruiting for what? There is no Q movement. There are only individuals who read and watch and listen and sometimes comment on the Internet. Individuals, all. I'm giving the self-proclaimed "old version" of the video, although the original must have been long deleted since that is how YouTube rolls to cut down view stats. Still, this version currently logs 1.4 million views or so. (btw - There are several versions of this same video in this same account, each with a million or more views, not to mention copies posted by other people and all those other video sites out there, resulting in millions and millions of views all over YouTube and the rest of the Internet.) I don't mean this video is criticized in the manner of a snarky know-it-all bashing a screwball with 7 followers who talks about how he ran words in a Q message backwards, applied a cipher, then pegged this to specific verses from the Book of Ezra in the Bible to show how Satan manifested in Hollywood. Instead, it is criticized by some of the top intellectuals and pundits who defend ruling class elitist cronyism (and just as often progressivism). They consider the video below to be a top-notch piece of propaganda. I, for one, like it. If it's propaganda, then it's only propaganda due to its single focus and rhetorical emphasis, not to lies. Ah... and to its effectiveness. There's that... I especially like the emphasis on the message that the surveillance state doesn't just spy on you and me, it spies on Deep State criminals, too. This is Q as I understand the phenomenon in essential terms. There are many variations, but the legitimate ones all boil down to these fundaments. Michael
  7. Epstein Finally Gets Legally Ensnared for Human Trafficking of Kids Finally. Jeffrey Epstein Arrested for Sex Trafficking of Minors Now if they will keep going and get Epstein's cohorts and customers, too. Then maybe we will start to put a real dent in the Deep State's covert power--and the Clinton machine for that matter. Let's see what happens. Michael
  8. It's Hillary Clinton's Turn -- Ditto for Her Machine Finally, the dirt is coming out. Hillary Clinton's machine (her operatives) has been formally accused of spying on Trump, not only against his campaign, but against him while he was a sitting president. That last is a big deal. The biggest. And it's going to get worse and worse and worse despite a media blackout right now on the predator class side. Since revelations are going to be coming out with regularity, I'm starting this new thread. I thought of including it in the Deep State Unraveling thread, but these Durham investigation filings and results are going to be full of details about the Clinton machine and the Deep State from that particular perspective. So, for the sake of easy consultation, it's worth it to put up with a new thread. 1. To kick things off, here is the filing from Durham that is causing Hillary Clinton such grief. The damaging part is under Number 5 in the filing (my bold): An article from The Federalist gives a good overview of the current situation. Special Counsel: Democrats Framed And Spied On Trump While He Was President Special Counsel: Democrats Spied On Trump While He Was President THEFEDERALIST.COM The details Special Counsel John Durham sprinkled throughout his filings suggest even more bombshells are to come. From the article: There's a lot more, including confirmations by John Ratcliffe, Richard Grenell, Mark Meadows, Kash Patel and Devin Nunes. Everybody knew about this, but nobody could do anything about it since the Justice Department was working to cover the misbehavior and crimes of Hillary Clinton and her cohorts. Now this sucker is on record in a way the Deep State can't get at it. Much, much, much, much, much more to come. 2. Here on OL, we already started discussing this on another thread. Copies of the three posts are given below to make this thread is complete. 3. I could not, in good conscience, leave out President Trump's response. He has added more comments since February 12, but nothing as strong as this. So I'll stop there. Hang on, everyone. This one is going to be fun. I'm already in communion with my inner schadenfreude. Michael
  9. Do you ever get slightly confused by the term "Deep State," or wonder if another person is sensing the same concept as you? Here's an interesting analytical essay by Mike Lofgren, author of the book "The Deep State." Anatomy of the Deep State [NB Dec 17: The code above did not survive the relocation of my web host to HostPapa. The poster to the video and the direct link follow. -- who knew there was a website called Here's a link to their page on Deep State, which uncovers the interesting provenance of the phrase ...
  10. Veritas Deep State Project Covert videos are not a persuasion method in the sense of rhetoric. But this is still a persuasion technique. Exposure of bad guys engaged in naked wrongdoing and bragging about it is one of the all time greats. It often works when the videos are doctored, but it really works when it is the truth and the exposure gets widespread. In the realm of show and tell, it's show and let the bad guys tell on themselves. The covert part comes in infiltrating the bad guys, not manipulating an unaware target of a persuasion message. So far, all we have is this video. As time goes along, this thread will grow and one-by-one deep state actors will become exposed. I'm opening the thread citing Project Veritas because exposure of the deep state can get clouded over by talking about fringe conspiracy extremists, often citing the more kooky statements as if they were representative of normal deep state criticism. Not that I disagree with the extremists (some are on to something and some are not), but this thread is devoted to persuasion of people who disagree, some who even think there is not a deep state. That will never happen by fanning the flames of those who agree. There is nothing more persuasive to those who disagree than a video and audio recording--in context--of a person talking and doing something bad. No argument to the contrary can rebut that. The person who disagrees may still disagree, but he must either do a massive blank-out, appeal to context (which is legitimate, but can cognitively messy once the name-calling kicks in), or let a crack appear in his convictions. And therein lies the effectiveness of the persuasion technique. So let's see what James comes up with. I have a feeling this one is going to get nasty. But, by exposing actual deep state personnel going about their normal lives and doing and bragging about their misbehavior, I predict this will help influence moderates in the midterms to vote for Trump-friendly candidates. Michael
  11. The work history of the folks in the Robert Mueller team is reported on by the Daily Beast's Betsy Woodruff. For those unspooked by a relatively quiet news front on the special counsel's activities, and for those who are curious about credible/non-credible implications of the activities. And maybe for those who use "Muh Russia" unironically ... (& for those who may have forgotten the details of the inquiry's frame of reference: the Rosenstein order establishing his authority) The DB article's subheadline slug: To probe alleged Russian interference in the 2016 election, the special counsel has essentially built his own miniature Justice Department. Meet the experts he’s recruited. Here is an excerpt from the conclusion (emphasis added):
  12. The Facebook Group "For the New Intellectuals" is sometimes a font of interesting articles relating directly to Objectivists and objective-ism. Earlier this week, Anoop Verma posted a link to an article at the US Spectator, "Camille Paglia: ‘Hillary wants Trump to win again’" In it she dishes on a variety of stone cold losers and screechers assembling at the starting gate for the Democratic presidential nomination contests. Piquant, zesty, trenchant, pick your adjective ... She also gets in the weeds about the Deep State:
  13. Alex Jones and Bullying by the Establishment Alex Jones and Infowars are getting slammed in a manner that is not persuasive, to say the least. That is why this thread is in Persuasion Techniques. This is a case of what not to do. Take a look at following crap on a sister site Alex owns. You can't see it on Infowars right now because the establishment bullies have triggered a DDOS attack on the site. Site Goes Down Amid Big Tech Censorship Comes as social media giants try to silence political speech ahead of midterms The subtitle is correct. This is all about the midterms. During the past presidential election, Hillary Clinton complained about Alex Jones by name. Also, Clinton's poodle, Mueller is currently targeting Roger Stone in a Hail Mary attempt to make his investigation relevant and influence the upcoming elections. Roger co-hosts his own show on Infowars. Do you believe in coincidences like that? As this thread develops, I will list the crap the crony corporatists and deep state are doing to Alex, but I want to ask you something right now. You may hate Alex Jones or think he is insane. But after being thrown off Facebook, YouTube, ITunes, Spotify, Pinterest, the autoresponder MailChimp and several other major social media sites, including payment processors, all within the same time frame, and now when you go to Jones's own site, Infowars, you get this: ... because hackers are blasting Denial of Service robot attacks on his site so no one else can access it, do you this this is OK? Is this the kind of world you want to live in? Or do you prefer free speech on the Internet? For me, this is despicable and I am weighing my own options about shutting down my own presences at some of the crony corporatist sites like Facebook, etc. For the time being, though, I'm waiting to see what happens. Need I remind folks that this is how it works before authoritarians take over something big? As in the words of Martin Niemöller: Granted, we are talking about the ability to speak on the Internet and not physical imprisonment, but the way this thing is unfolding, it is serious and the pattern is the same. Luckily, Alex's support has grown because of this bullying. The Internet is just too big right now. And since, thankfully, net neutrality regulations have been neutralized, the government does not have its grubby mits on throttling whoever the regulators find objectionable. So despite the cronies and deep state thinking they can guarantee Democratic Party wins in the upcoming midterms by shutting down popular opposing voices (and they are starting to go hogwild with lots of other sites--if you look into this, you will be amazed at the brazenness), I don't think they understand how this will resonate with the typical American spirit. One thing is for sure. They are not persuading anyone by this bullying. They are only singing to their own choir. And, unbelievably, they have accomplished the impossible propaganda-wise. They have turned Alex Jones into a legitimate victim and martyr for a massive victimization story to be used during the elections. Congratulations, idiots. Un-frigging-believable. Now live with the consequences. Michael
  14. I have begun to wonder if Obama is running the Deep State behind the scenes. He might be an Acting President, everyone in the Federal civil service working hard to oust Trump. Sort of makes sense. Obama lives in Washington. Be interesting to have NSA metadata on who he talked to last week, and whether he personally directed Lynch and Comey to bury the Hillary evidence. Anything is possible.The caravans were a stroke of genius. Motor voter registration and driver licenses for illegals. Yep. Recent history has Obama's fingerprints all over it. Rush Limbaugh speculated that NATO diplomats agitated for an FBI counterintelligence putsch to smear candidate Trump. No way. It was an Obama White House op, start to finish.
  15. The Swamp War against President Trump After oodles of rhetoric, investigations and legal games, The Swamp just fired its first cannonball. They jailed Paul Manafort before the trial. Alan Dershowitz is fit to be tied. (If you want to see the video, go to the link below.) Dershowitz Explodes On MSNBC: Locking Up Manafort Before A Trial Is ‘so Obnoxious To Our Constitution’ I mentioned on another post here on OL: I'm pretty damn sure I'm going to enjoy how this plays out. Michael