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Found 2 results

  1. The Colorado Civil Rights Commission is at it again. Unwilling to abide by the Supreme Court ruling in the Masterpiece Cakeshop case, the commission has issued another ruling targeting the same baker for essentially the same "crime" again -- the crime of having his own opinion. COLORADO IS GOING AFTER JACK PHILLIPS OF MASTERPIECE CAKESHOP AGAIN Darrell
  2. James Heaps-Nelson wrote on the “Florida Primary” thread: Look at that primary/caucus calendar. Newt better win Florida because he's not going to get very much else for a while. Nevada and Arizona are Mormon heavy states. Minnesota, Maine and Michigan should go to Romney. end quote I responded: That polysci professor from UVA was just on Fox and he thinks Newt will win big in Florida and sweep the next five contests. At which point, “the Republican establishment will be throwing rose petals in Newt’s path.” end quote I thought it fitting to start the Nevada thread with that. James should apply for UVa Professor Sabato’s job as political guru. We will see. In the Nevada Caucus February 4th, Realclear shows Romney with 50 percent, Gingrich with 25, Paul with 15, and Santorum with 8 percent. Colorado’s February 7th, non binding Caucus has Gingrich with 37, Romney at 18, Paul with 6, and Santorum with 4 percent. Minnesota’s Caucus February 7, has Gingrich with 36, Romney at 18, Santorum with 17 percent and Paul with 13. In Maine February 4 to 11th, the Caucus’s are polling at Romney with 24 percent, Gingrich with 18, Paul with 5, and Santorum with 2 percent, so we will know what happened in Nevada, Colorado, and Minnesota before Maine’s results are in, which may affect Maine’s vote. Arizona’s primary, February 28, has Romney at 48, Gingrich with 24, Santorum with 13, and Paul at 6 percent. Michigan’s primary February 28, has Romney at 34.5 percent, Gingrich at 24.5, Paul at 14, and Santorum at 13.5 percent. Lets see, the first three are Nevada, Colorado, Minnesota. If Romney wins Nevada, then loses Colorado and Minnesota, that could influence the other February primaries and caucuses. Romney is projected to win Maine, Arizona, and Michigan before the results of the first three contests are known. I have no predictions beyond Nevada which Romney should win. I Can decisively say, there may or may not be a snow ball affect for either Gingrich or Romney. Peter Taylor