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Found 5 results

  1. More upcoming Horror from Islam: Why the hell can't America, Britain, France, Germany, Japan, NATO, or some other semi-decent nation land a few troops there, and protect the priceless and irreplaceable heritage of mankind? Must Raw Evil triumph so clearly and loudly in the face of the impotent and feckless West?
  2. The French are grossly philosophically incompetent. As evidenced by recent mass rallies and magazine covers, they simply don't understand what's going on inside their country. They face serious problems to which they have no real answers. France, like all Western nations, is currently under attack by Islam. The massively false, evil, and barbaric philosophy of Islam is aggressively seeking to infect, subvert, destroy, and conquer the relatively rational, liberal, and civilized nation of France. Yet a horde of Muslims and Islamic leaders was invited to France's largest-ever postwar rally on Sunday, January 11th, in Paris. That was fatuous, depraved, lunatic, and utterly suicidal. The fact is the infamous ideology of jihad and sharia is the absolute enemy of France. It needs to be intellectually refuted and morally condemned. It needs to be ruthlessly philosophically crushed. And the Muslim enemy inside France, which actively supports this conceptual monstrosity, needs to be deported. Muslims inside France, like virtually everywhere else, are quite confident and open in their ferocious desire to hugely alter the current French lifestyle and culture, which is largely based upon the Enlightenment values of reason, individualism, and freedom. Islam and Muslims hate these. Two weeks ago, on January 7th, Muslim activists brutally slaughtered 12 innocents, and defenders of Western liberalism, at the Parisian magazine Charlie Hebdo. Yet the current front cover of this publication -- so ignorant, amoral, unprincipled, and appeasing -- features a cartoon of Mohammad saying "All is forgiven," and "I am Charlie". But this is putting false and ridiculous words in the Muslim founder's mouth. It's all a French delusion. No actual Muslim in real life is saying this. Not in France, nor anywhere else. Muslims around the world are amazingly philosophically consistent and unified. They know what standards to uphold, and which behaviors in others not to tolerate. Thus virtually every follower of Islam in France, and in every other nation on this earth, rejects and violently opposes the portrayal of Mohammad in visual imagery. Still more do Muslims hate it and fight it when you criticize their belief-system. Yet these are all activities which a socially and politically liberal France tolerates routinely, and which Charlie Hebdo does repeatedly and quite crudely. Something has to give. If France genuinely hopes to live in decent peace and civilization, and no longer have its free speech and individual liberty threatened, it needs to get to work and start to attack the truly loathsome philosophy of Islam. It needs to vastly cut it down to size. France also needs to pay attention to political and demographic reality, and work to strip the traitorous, anti-Western Muslims of their citizenship and residency. The truth is: France and Islam are inimical. They have no important philosophical ideals on which they can agree. Like two scorpions in a bottle, they are irreconcilable deadly enemies, and eventually only one of them is going to survive.
  3. An airplane flies with two primary control inputs with primary and secondary results. If you pull back on the stick the nose goes up and the plane slows down. The nose going up is the secondary result also meaning it will gain some altitude. The primary result is the slowing down. If you add power the plane goes up. This is primary input. Gaining altitude is the primary result. Pushing the stick forward and the plane gains speed. Loss of altitude is secondary consequence. The basic way to lose altitude is to cut the power. The pilot controls the relationship between the primary and secondary by reference to the angle of attack. This is the angle of airflow over the wings. If a pilot wants to go faster but not change altitude he'll lower the nose (gaining speed) while adding power (gaining altitude). The angle of attack changes. With a high angle of attack--think of the nose up--the wing acts as a source of forward friction slowing the plane down as if they were brakes. With a low angle of attack these brakes are less efficient as brakes but more efficient for moving the plane through the air. Maximum speed at x altitude needs the nose down as far as it will go under maximum engine power combining both the primary and secondary. In truth they are always combined in powered aircraft. (For a glider pilot thermals are his source of power. Flying into and out of thermals is his control of power inputs.) And this is my primary thesis: both inputs are needed or you will not be flying long. Primary, that is, for flying. Now for the biggie: Islam. The Muslim religion is primary in the sense the airplane is primary. But they both need to be in the air to go anywhere. In the most abstract sense they are both human powered. Without that they aren't going anywhere nor would either even exist. Who is flying it and who is in it? Well, Muslims are the passengers of course. Muslims are also the power source. The Jihadists are the pilots. Whether they too are really Muslims doesn't matter. What matters is they are fascists and Muslims are intimidated and controlled by these fascists. This is what happens when religion is mixed up with politics (force). The Muslim airplane is a strange bird. When the Jihadist adds power the plane goes down. When power is cut the plane goes up. When the stick is moved back the nose goes down and speed increases. When the stick is pushed forward the nose goes up and speed decreases. These are the primary control inputs. This is because the Muslim airplane was built using un-reason while the conventional plane was made using only reason. The first is reality wrong, the second reality right. The queer thing about the Muslim plane is it doesn't crash. It somehow manages to keep on going. It has been going now for 1500 years. It must serve a need. The need served is fascist rule and the need to be ruled. Muslims are slaves. Like all slaves they exist in various degrees of comfort including the various degrees of comfort the fascists have unto themselves. It doesn't crash and it can't be shot down. It just goes. Muslims can be killed, however. Shoot the fascists and leave the rest. Give guns to Muslims too, so they can do their own fascist shooting. It's best if the infidels don't do this. Homegrown Muslims hunting down Muslim fascists and killing them is best. That way they won't get the idea the infidels are after them too and side with their real oppressors. It's impossible, however, not to kill some of those Jihadist fascists (and Muslim fascist governments) ourselves in self defense. But the locus of the focus should not be oil or nation building. --Brant
  4. Cool new video vowing revenge for the recent Charlie Hebdo Paris massacre:
  5. (Am I the first to start a thread in The Garbage Pile?) The Muslim religion has two different active components. The religion as such and the ideologically embedded fascism of spreading it and imposing it by the sword. Islam cannot be defeated. It cannot be rendered out of 1.3 billion human brains. The practically rendered fascism, however, can, insofar as it might involve other countries not Islamic, especially the United States which has the overt moral, economic, political and military power to do a lot of the job. Terrorism is the exported product of sponsoring and succoring countries. What happens around the edges by individuals seemingly acting on their own is comparatively minor. Even 9-11 and that wasn't ad hoc the way the Boston Marathon bombings seemingly were. What is going on in Iraq-Syria with ISIS is the attempt to establish a country from which to export aggressive terrorism while terrorizing its way to power. This "country" is weak. Just smash it. The US can put in a few troops on the ground to direct effective airstrikes--not the crap Obama ordered--re-enforce the Kurds and let Iran buff up the Iraqi regime such as it is (to the south) and essentially in that open terrain it's all over. The explicit and implicit message is it was fascism that was attacked, not Islam. Most other sponsoring countries should get the message, probably not Iran. Because of distance, topography, oil and its soon getting the bomb, it's a much bigger problem, especially for Israel, but who is claiming the way to deal with Iran is to inform Iranians of how nonsensical their religion is and that its founder was a pedophile? There's a lot of nonsense in Christianity. Good luck in making it more rational and if you need to ideologically power a crusade you can sing "Onward Christian Soldiers" until the cows come home. No need for that. What can be done is use anti-fascism to power the "crusade." What did Russia do in WWII but fight fascism? The allies? Everybody that counted. How easy for secular powers to turn on the jihadists with another anti-fascist crusade, no religion necessary (or desirable [or usable]). A religious war?--NOT! That fascism, which is not exported and oppresses any country's inhabitants. is not going to be "liberated" by any army no matter how powerful. Here is where you get the Objectivism-NeoCon divide respecting this aspect of a foreign policy and interventionism "for democracy and freedom around the world." While a libertarian might be against all interventionism and a NeoCon for any interventionism striking his fancy, the Objectivist idea might be to intervene with other countries ideologically powered interventionism only, as with terrorism, absent a strategic threat's manifestation. Not even communism, what's left of it, does that any more, not even from China or Cuba. We all know what happened to the Nazis and fascists of WWII. We can treat this world through standard geo-political considerations of power butting up against power and finding stability therein. The ideological wars have all been fought and won. That's why the jihadists are hiding behind Islam. They cannot defend the fascism. It's fascism behind the curtain. --Brant