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Found 2 results

  1. The following message from Duncan Scott was received a short while ago. Project Update #8: "Dangerous Woman" update Posted by Duncan Scott ♥ Like Dear Kickstarter Supporters, Here’s a new update on our documentary, The Most Dangerous Woman in America (previously titled Inside the Mind of Ayn Rand): We resumed work on Dangerous Woman several months ago (following the completion of my work on Atlas Shrugged, Part 3). The main focus has been finalizing the shooting script for the documentary. As you can imagine, since we are presenting the spectrum of Ayn Rand’s ideas, and the controversy those ideas generate, it’s been a massive undertaking, but we recently completed a 94 page draft and are now revising and tweaking it. Although video editing usually doesn’t begin until after principal photography, we have already started editing segments of the documentary. Because we previously filmed, or acquired, over 40 hours of footage and thousands of still photos for the project, we recently began assembling selected sequences, mainly to test concepts and techniques. When the script is finalized, and the remaining production funds are in hand, we will begin filming the new sequences. It is full steam ahead at this point! I’ve been very grateful for your patience during the long delays on this project. Almost all of my work in recent years has been devoted to finding compelling ways to adapt Ayn Rand’s ideas for mass media with the goal of bringing those ideas to a wider public. And that was certainly my goal in working many months on the scripts for Atlas Shrugged, Parts 2 and 3. The Atlas Shrugged films did result in a two year delay in our Dangerous Woman documentary, and so I believe you should be made aware that, just prior to principal photography of Atlas Shrugged Part 3 this past January, I decided that I could no longer support the production in the direction it was headed due to creative differences with the producers. I resigned from the production team at that time. I can’t go into more detail because of confidentiality agreements. Returning to Dangerous Woman though has completely energized me. I’m excited to see the film taking shape as an entertaining, accessible and faithful examination of Rand’s ideas. Look for another progress report in a few months. Thank you again for your support and encouragement. All the best, Duncan Scott
  2. No one is probably reading this right now, because you are all at The Atlas Society 2013 summer conference, excuse me, "Summit," feverishly taking notes from the summiteers...... right? Right?? Well, it's going on right now in Washington, D.C.. Started Thursday for eager college students only. The rest of the conference runs Friday though half of Sunday. Later in the summer, a special closed workshop for pre-selected Objectivist scholars-to-be will be held at the Bilderberger resort or other secuded retreat. Well, if you're not there (the Summit), you won't get the latest on the movie, and learn other ways that you can be as successful in applying Objectivism to your own life, as the Atlas movies were/are. But it probably would be impolitic to inquire on the publication date of The Logical Structure of Objectivism, safely in perpetual beta format for 13-14 years, on the TAS website (No, it's there. Really. Mouse around for it.) You will also get copies of Objectivist "flashcards" that will be available for college students to give out on their own to attract interest in Objectivism. Believe me, they are riveting. You will want a set for your own, and some to distribute to acquaintances. They will be so impressed. Well, if you are not there, right now, too bad. However, after the conference, you will be able to purchase a full set of all the speeches, every spellbinding moment! Yours to listen to forever! Have a party, invite your non-Objectivist friends!... .... But wait! Act now and you may be able to sign-up on the TAS website for their real-time streaming of the Summit to your PC. Just pay shipping and handling..Well, okay, the fee is a little more impressive.