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Found 4 results

  1. On it's face, this statement couldn't actually be any more false. To think a philosophy created by a Jewish woman who was an immigrant with a thick Russian accent as fundamentally American seems absurd. As you look deeper, you find it to be even more untrue. In America, no matter how many copies of Atlas Shrugged are sold every year, Objectivism is relegated to the status of a fringe philosophy. And despite even this fringe status, it is attacked viciously by both the left and the right in the media on an almost seemingly daily basis. It is not respected, or even properly understood by the average American. If Objectivism is a fundamentally American system of ideas, why so much animosity towards it? Every indication in America life tells us we are going in the opposite direction to the Objectivist ideal. In economics, the public wants more state interventions in the economy, tariffs on China, monopoly busting and higher taxes on the rich, in politics, it wants the "lowest common denominator" type of person win, i.e. persuasive, popular hucksters or borderline criminals to sell them platitudes and vulgar jingoistic rhetoric, not well reasoned policy. In ethics, it wants some combination or variation thereof of pragmatism or altruism. In metaphysics/epistemology, most Americans believe in God, angels, demons , skepticism/cluelessness, something for nothing, (see economics), racial stereotypes and other silly and irrational concepts not befitting a generally civilized society. Americans believe these things far more than even Europeans do. If is was not clear to you by that America philosophically is actually one of the furthest countries from Objectivism, (and this has been true for some time) it should be now. America is a country literally held by the "string" of it's original founding documents and legal system, that prevent it plunging face-first into barbarism, poverty and irrationality. In other words, America is a country held on by it's past, not it's future. Objectivism, is not an American philosophy per se and most Americans do not like Objectivism very much. In truth to call Objectivism "American" is far too gracious a statement, Americans don't really have a coherent philosophy. Though it is a "western" philosophy in the tradition of Aristotle. If anything, it's a Russian-Jewish philosophy that was imported to America, like so many other ideas. Discuss.
  2. Does America have any pride or honor or self-respect? North Korea has, in effect, just declared war on the United States. The moment we discovered the true identities of the Sony computer hackers, and the new-9/11 threateners, we should have bombed 5 of their movie studios and 50 of their movie theaters out of existence. Better yet, all of the dictatorial leadership's homes and offices should have been destroyed, along with 10 of their best communist party headquarters, and all of their nuclear weapons facilities. There should be an immediate special White House screening and super-gala, featuring the movie The Interview, with all of the film's stars and makers. There should also be many government-sponsored movie shorts instantly created showing Kim Dung-un and company getting killed, tortured, raped, and humiliated beyond all endurance. North Korea should also be swamped with an ocean of ultra-powerful offshore radio and t'v' broadcasts mocking and insulting communism, tyranny, the Great Leader, the Dear Leader, and the current noxious insect Fuhrer. That slave state should also be carpet-bombed with millions of computer memory sticks showing the whole movie which instigated this event, dubbed into Korean, plus the subtitled original version. It should end with a two-second clip of President Obama telling Kim Dung-un: "Go fuck yourself!" This is war. America should defend itself.
  3. Here is what I think is a free article from Jack Wheeler and his ToThePointNews.Com
  4. Click here to take the test! This test has been designed to assess your comprehension of The Ominous Parallels (TOP). Questions have been formed from Chapter 1 and 2 only. Subsequent tests will cover additional chapters of the book. It is not intended to be an open book test. There are 20 questions – each is worth 5 points. This test can be taken by students before and after reading TOP (as a pre and/or post-test). Only reading Ayn Rand’s fictional work will not be sufficient preparation to excel on this test. This assessment can help students of Objectivism and study-group organizers determine the ideal study materials and is not intended to evaluate one’s agreement with Objectivism. Test Score Range: 0-60: Minimal understanding (Low) – Basic study needed 65-70: Moderate understanding (Low-Mid) – Basic study needed 75-80: Good understanding (Intermediate) – Basic study review needed 85-90: Competent (High-Mid) – Proceed to more technical studies 95-100: Advanced (High) - Proceed to more technical studies In order to receive your test score, you will be asked to provide your name and email address. Your test score will be emailed to you. Your name and email address will be added to our general contact mailing list. Your name and test scores will not be published. All marketing emails sent from The Culture of Reason Center include the option to unsubscribe. Like this Test? Please Make a Donation to The Culture of Reason Center Constructive feedback is welcome Email: Other CRC Tests Include: Objectivism: General Knowledge (01) Objectivism: General Knowledge (02) Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology Test (Introduction, Chapters 1-8, Summary) The Virtue of Selfishness Test 01