Cool But Worrisome X-Ray Van

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Cool But Worrisome X-Ray Van

This thing is a game-changer regardless of what you think of it.

I'm glad for the security, but I don't want to give the operators that much vision into the privacy of everyone.

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Big brother will indeed be watching.

What's worse, there goes mobile hotels for hookers...



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Government technicians pointing an x-ray machine at people who aren't even aware they are being irradiated. I wonder how long until a software glitch causes somebody to get a massive dose of x-rays. Of course, they've done worse in terms of using citizens as human guinea pigs.

A decade ago you were made fun of for doing things like building rooms with a metal shield to keep government snooping out of your bedroom ("tin foil mad hatters"). Nowadays it's just taken for granted that they could be driving outside inspecting you with IR detectors, and now, shooting x-rays into your house.

The people who really ought to be made fun of are the unprincipled people who are willing to let the camel's nose under the tent.


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Off topic, but how is Super Yoga treating you, if at all?


If you mean SuperBrain Yoga (SuperBrain Yoga - A No-Brainer?), I'm having a pretty good time with it.

I actually use it as part of my stretching routine before long walks. I like to take 3-5 mile walks several times a week. Before them I use a quick stretching routine I cobbled together from what soccer players do in Brazil with some other stuff I have found that works pretty well for me. But when I don't have time for a walk, I do the SuperBrain Yoga thing just by itself.

The 3 minutes of deep knee bends plus deep breathing get my heart racing and sends plenty of oxygen to my brain. I tend to feel pretty good and focused after doing it.

I have not done any brain scans on myself before and after doing it, so I cannot say anything about whether it has affected my brain waves.

I did shake off a certain fogginess when I write and study since I started, so I believe this played a part.

I highly recommend it.

I am going to copy this post in that thread, since it actually belongs over there..


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