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I am sophomore starting an effort at Vassar College titled "Vassar Values Reason" to promote rational metaphysics and epistemology on campus through the study of Ayn Rand and Aristotle. We have received limited material publications from ARI. I will be using the pamphlets of Rand's essays they sent me, and most likely Peikoff's summary of Objectivism, but will not be using any essays by ARI writers, which are mostly political in nature. If anyone on here would be willing to help support the project please contact me. Printed material or CDs would be greatly appreciated and fully utilized. Our ultimate goal is to create a permanent place for reason on Vassar and to encourage research underlying Ayn Rand's theories of human knowledge.

I know it says I only have 11 or so posts, but I have been a member here for the past 3 years and have posted under a different username.

My thanks,


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