Beck on Obama's "Enough money" idea

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This is why most Americans are Christians, while most Indians are Hindus, and most Iranians are Muslims. At best, it will be a long time before most Americans are Objectivists. Meanwhile, it would be great if they simply believed in the Declaration of Independence and the real Constitution.

Have you noticed that you put Objectivism in the same category as a religion? Hmmm....

I find that a bit disturbing. Do you ?

Ba'al Chatzaf

I am talking about human nature in the quoted part. I am not saying that Objectivism is like religion, except insofar as it and religion are belief systems and philosophies. The point is that very many people will not allow their beliefs to differ very much from those of others around them. They want to be accepted in business, in the Elks Club, and by women. On that last, I cannot tell you how many men have told me that they go along with religion because if they did not, women would not find them appealing. We certainly know that no American politician will be elected if he does not pretend to be a Christian, at least with very few exceptions. I am not sure that I know of a single exception. Note also that in the Northeast and on the Pacific Coast, the only thing to be is a moderate or liberal. In Oklahoma, liberals are much more rare. People have a tendency to flock together in their beliefs. In any case, this wanting to belong and wanting to be accepted effect is a strong one with many people. It is not a trait compatible with Objectivism, so I have my doubts that Objectivism will ever be broadly ascribed to. Consequently, I will be fairly satisfied simply to see it tolerated and not severely criticized. I hope it will be believed in by a substantial number of intelligent and thinking people with considerable influence in our society.

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