Beauty That Rivals You

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Beauty That Rivals You

Oh, to paint with a master’s hand,

A portrait to give to you.

But alas, no wishful thoughts give me,

The powers to make it true.

So, now I’m out on a noble quest,

To garner the knowledge I find.

I’ll practice hard to learn to craft,

The colors that fill my mind.

And now I paint with mine own hand,

A beauty that rivals you.

I’ll earn your heart with this skill I know,

‘Cause I’ve worked to make it come true.

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I like it. Pretty flow to my ear. I have a bad habit of reading this type of poetry out loud.

Good job.


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Much better than my own.

I hope that the sentiments stated aren't specific to a situation. If so, you're looking for a broken heart.


We all have to work through those though...yes.


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Ah,yes... blooming love ( <_< )Wow, I've never made a triple pun before.

I like your poem, Jason.

"Portrait of my love" brings back my attempts at song-writing for a good friend, who's a fine guitarist.

All I can say now, people, is NEVER underestimate the skill and talent of lyricists of even the most soppy,sentimental songs.

Damn, they have my respect. The thing is it's related to poetry, but also nothing like.

("It would take, I know, a Michelangelo...")


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