Meet and Greet Global Warming

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As further irrefutable evidence of global warming, let me cite the fact that tonight and tomorrow night much of the South Florida area (those portions not relatively close to the ocean) will be under a freeze warning.

Actually, this happens once every 3-5 years, and it was back in 1977 that it snowed (actually just flurries that melted before even hitting the ground) in Miami, during the same cold snap which saw Buffalo snowed in. So this is not the coldest it's ever been in Miami, although new record lows for these particular dates are quite likely to be set. What is unusual is the length of this cold spell. Usually cold spells here last two, at the most three days, before normal seasonal temperatures return. This time the cold weather will last for well over a week, interrupted only by a very transient warmup predicted for daytime Friday (with cold temperatures to return by Saturday).

Jeffrey S.

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