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Well, heck, usually someone jumps on this one (I'm FIRST, FIRST!!! YAY....).

A new year. You see, you could go straight ~O~ on this and that would mean things like, well, arguing true Calendar Year, or maybe even to mount an argument of the "True Significance." dot dot dot.

Or, you could just do simpler, and say (for these purposes, at least):

Thanks to MSK and Kat, and to all that write here, year-after-year. Just for that.

Nice work, boys and girls!


I Was Here First<tm>

Listening to fireworks in Southwest Florida!

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Well, heck, usually someone jumps on this one (I'm FIRST, FIRST!!! YAY....).

You were where first? Given the location of the international date line New Zealand’s already in 2010 (and Jabba has surely passed out in a puddle of urine), and even our dearest Trollina Xray has already toasted the new year from her lair in Germany. You're way late to the party.

Never mind, just busting your chops. Besides, the Chinese new year isn’t until February, and its going to be the Year of the Tiger.

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Yo Adrian!!!

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