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This is what my world looked like on Thursday:





These are stills from a video that someone else shot from a couple miles west of where I was, which was about two or three blocks from the tornado in the first image. The second and third shots are from about 10 and 20 seconds later. The fourth was taken a few minutes after that when all four or five tornadoes combined to form one biggun.

A few houses were destroyed and many others battered, but there was actually surprisingly little damage to people and structures. A lot of crops are down or were ripped from the ground. In one field that I saw today, acres and acres of corn stalks were completely flattened but are still green and growing. If I get a chance I'll shoot a photo. It might make for a pretty amazing image of the resiliency of life.


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Wow! Those are some photos! Do you live somewhere near KC, Missouri? We just had a tornado a few days ago...

I'm in south central Minnesota, in a region which is becoming the Kansas of the north. I've been in several situations where tornadoes have passed around or over the area that I was in, but these were the first that I've ever seen up close and personal. Photos and video footage just don't do it justice. A couple of friends and I were within a few feet of very solid shelter, so we stayed out and watched the thing approaching as long as possible without being unsafe about it. We ducked inside when it was about six blocks away. Seeing the size and power of it was...well, indescribable. Two dimensional images, even tricked out Hollywood films, can't come close to capturing the feeling.

Chris Grieb

I'm impressed and I'm glad you're alright. As they ended on Hill Street Blues "Be careful out there"

Thanks. I was definitely careful, but I'm glad that I wasn't too careful. It was an awesome event to behold.


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:D Very cool that you got to see those. A couple of years ago, there was a huge tornado in the KC area right in my neighborhood. Me and my dad were standing in the doorway looking at it about a block away. It's amazing. It's odd, I used to be so scared of they would come out of the blue and kill everyone. Haha.
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