Freeman Dyson dumps on climate models


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  • 4 weeks later...

I hope everyone will write their local weather person, something along these lines.

From the Talmud:

“We do not see things as they are. We see them as we are.”

Ayn Rand:

“We begin as philosophers where we began as babies, at the only place there is to begin: by looking at the world.”

What a 'literal,' world of difference. I definitely go with the second point of view, which is the scientific point of view.

I am enjoying a good read: "Heaven and Earth, Global Warming, the Missing Science," by Ian Plimer. It supplies some excellent intellectual ammunition.

When earth has climatic warming, species thrive. When it cools, species decline or become extinct. So, global warming alarmists are fighting against what is good for us. And unfortunately, warming is not happening, except as a temporary weather phenomenon. And not since 1998.

You could go back 4 billion years and it would demonstrate warmth is good, but start recently with:

The Roman Warming. (500BC to 535AD)

Then the Dark Ages. (535 to 900)

Medieval Warming. (900 to 1300)

The Little Ice Age. (1300 to 1850)

Modern Warming (1850 to Present)

If mankind were causing global warming, then we would not see simultaneous warming on other planets or moons, but we do. If it warms on Earth, it warms on Mars and Jupiter at the same time. The sun is the primary driver of climate change.

And "warming" means just a bit, not a lot. Unfortunately, things "may be" getting cooler soon. We are in a temporary upswing in temperature within a much larger downswing.

Semper cogitans fidele,

Peter Taylor

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