"Dear Ayndie" Life Advise from Ayn Rand


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Am putting this in humour as I think that's the right place for it.

This is a blog site I came across that is a satire of Rand: http://ayndie.wordpress.com/

Its billed as "Life advice from Ayn Rand, the creator of the everlasting truth of Objectivism -- firmly founded on reason, logic and the absolutism of reality."

Not sure where the author of this site stands. They seem to know their stuff, as seen by their list of false and real objectivist. (but surprised that SOLOpassion is on the list of false objectivist...)

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I have the feeling that this blog is not being written with the goal of attracting people to Objectivism, to say the least.

Presumably it's meant to seem as if ARI is behind it--so SOLO is false and ARI is "true". Apparently they couldn't decide about OL :)

And as for your children: I am satisfied in my conviction that their quest for understanding reality as an absolute will be greatly advanced with the likes of you out of their way, and far from their dwelling.


If you obey me, a superior mate may one day take pity on you and bring you sexual pleasure in the objectively correct way.

Death to all parasites,


P.S. Take up smoking

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Nope, definitely not designed to attract anyone to Rand or her ideas.

Check out the November 6th entry, "boo kantian hoo."

Who are we supposed to think submitted that request for advice?

Robert Campbell

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