An Apology to Barbara Branden

Victor Pross

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An Apology to Barbara Branden

Barbara, this apology is late coming since my arrival at OL, but I can sincerely say that I am truly sorry for the manner in which I expressed myself. There are a few reasons why this apology is late coming, but explaining that is not the purpose for the time being.

I am not proud of my previous conduct, and the reasons are varied for that conductbut again, I dont wish to explore that here.

I may have some disagreements with someones workbut does that mean I am now required to emit venom? No. I didnt have to do thatnot in the manner in which I did, in any case. Sure, one can express a rational and objectively tempered critique of a certain work whereby it is a legitimate form of communication, however critical in nature. I didnt do that. There was a lot of intellectual thuggery, which is a very different thing. Whatever my views of ones work, I didnt need to shoot my mouth off like a grandiloquent bastard. But even there, Michael has invested a considerable amount of time reasoning with meand I do mean reasoning with me, unlike the inquisition smack-down treatment I myself have experiencedmaking a case for you as a person and writer.

If its any consolation, I have been feeling really low lately. Really low!

One last thing: Your intelligence and character are not in question by me, despite my former horrible statementsand thats why I mystified you in having the nerve in trying to engage you in a dialogue about art. You see, I have been reading dozens upon dozens of your posts, for a long time now, and I am impressed. And I hope having a dialogue with you in the future is not out of the question. Ill let that rest with you.

I know I came to you out of the blue, as if nothing had happened, asking your views about art. Take my context-dropping as evidence of my sincerity regarding my estimate of you. Again, Im sorry.

Victor Pross

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