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Let me just say, that this project started about a year ago. We bought our house in August of '08, but have been renting it since October of '03. Great landlords - never once raised our rent, and they pretty much let us do anything we wanted as long as it didn't damage the house, and we paid our rent.

Anyhoo...we did some things last year to get ready for the appraisal. We had serious issues with the AC/Heating unit, and because of that long term water damaged the hallway floor. The landlord replaced the whole system, but my husband and I decided we should really take care of replacing the flooring in the hallway, since honestly, we waited to long to bring it to anyone's attention. So, the husband put down tile. He also remodeled the bathroom (new sink, faucet, replacing drywall because our kids cannot grasp the concept of closing the shower door all the way, and laying new tile on the floor), and he replaced a window and all new drywall in my son's bedroom because we had a termite infestation (after Terminex came out and did their thing).

Now, getting back to the living, he laid the tile down, but never grouted it. My poor piano sat in the middle of my living room for almost 5 months - he just didn't have the time to do it, and it was "his thing", and I didn't really know what I was doing. Anyhoo, we put the piano back where it belonged, but we decided to wait until we had the funds to rip up the nasty carpet in the living to grout, because I really REALLY wanted tile in there as well.

Well, of course, that meant we really should paint too, right? I mean, if you are ripping up the carpet any way, why not? So, last weekend the husband and I (okay, mostly the husband - I did a lot of prep, clean up and "supervising") started painting the living room (which meant packing up several media bookshelves and about 6 or 7 regular book shelves, and putting two couches, a small bookcase, an art cart, and other random items in our tiny dining room), ripped up the carpet (why did people in the 70s think it was okay to carpet over horrifyingly ugly tile? Only to shock future inhabitants later?), laid the tile...and we are almost done!

Just need to grout the rest of the hallway. I have to say, grouting is much more of a PAIN IN THE A$$ than I ever thought it would be. Now I understand why the husband was not keen to do it. The 9 year old and I were up really late painting base boards, and I think we will actually be ready to pop the stuff out of the dining area into the living room again. Which I find very exciting, because the minions are getting waaaayyyy too comfortable eating on the one couch we put back in. I don't want them to get too comfortable - that would undermine my Tyrannical Matriarchal powers.

Anyway, between that, looking for a job (half heartedly, I admit) and dealing with the son's prom, and his upcoming graduation, I have just been beat and haven't had time to cruise OL lately. (And yes - we survived the Swine Flu "epidemic", and no tornadoes come close to our house - they stay on the west of 35).

I am wondering if others here are Do it Yourselfers? What kind of projects are you working on? When we get this finished, my next big project is scrubbing down the kitchen, haha. And then saving up for materials to build a shed out back to keep the children - I mean to keep the husband's tools, etc.

I wish Home Depot and Lowe's had a frequent buyer's card. I want airline miles or at least free ice cream.

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