Some things never change

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Top 10 discussion topics on SOLO PASSION

10.Baton length and air orchestration conduction. Does size really matter?

9. The best wine growing regions for Objectivists. Winner? New Zealand! Popular for things with a nice fruity head!

8. Question of the Day - How many Canadians (C’est “Canadien” pour les Quebecois!) does it take to screw in a light bulb. Answer: Two, one to screw in the light bulb and Victor Pross to take credit for it!

7. The debate over New Zealand banning sheep cloning! Why clone when there are 10,000 Kiwis volunteering for breeding duty?

6. Michael Stuart Kelly condemned again! His deadly accurate observations are overlooked this time. He is condemned cuz he’s actually seen a naked woman! Prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

5. Miss New Zealand shocker! Should the runner up be castigated because HE had breast implants?

4. Is “Brokeback Mountain” congruent with Objectivist aestheticism? Who cares? We see Buttcheeks!!!

3. Playboy applauded for publishing the AR interview online! But hey? What’s up with all the naked chicks?

2. Several caricatures of SOLO Passion members, reputedly by Victor Pross, have been found posted on the internet and are condemned for their grotesqueness! Of course it was a greater shock when it was discovered that the pictures were actually photographs taken at the last TOC Summer Seminar

1.OMFG!!!! Has anyone seen what was posted over at O-Lying? Some Prissyholic Saddamite posted a vicious attack full of Anal-gobbling puss vomit!!! Probably that homophobic KASSless Texan who is too butt ugly to even post a gawdamn photo of himself!!! That Brokeback-baiting, Psychobabsle Saddamite racist should be hauled off to Maryland where he will most likely be murdered in 15 minutes by one the racially tolerant yet homicidal street gangs! Or at a minimum that Anarcho-Saddamite, pussball, pomwanker should be interned indefinitely in the basement of the Brandbourne Californian Christian Temperance Union and forced to listen to every known copy of Babs Branden and crew on tape! And I mean TAPE not CD!!!! Start with her “Psychobabble for Sissies” and then slowly tighten the screws!!!! I don’t know what surprises me more…That that Saddamite Pussball MSK would allow such a post or that anyone over at O-Lying can even count to TEN!!! And another thing..........yada, yada, yada……

Whew! Somethings never change!

Well at least no one here suffers from pianist envy!


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