Missionary deconverted by atheistic amazon tribe who wanted to see evidence!

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Good one Gulch:

Kind of Heart of Darkness...Apocalypse Now...going native theme.

I am reading an excellent Teddy Roosevelt book called The River of Doubt [Rio de Duvida (can't figure out how to put the accent over the "u" as in `facing the other way lol].

The crazy bastard at age 55 went off to explore this river that had just been discovered 3 years earlier and 60-70% of the prior two parties had suffered 70% casualties.

That tribe is mentioned lol.


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Adam; That expedition probably contributed to T Roosevelt's relatively early death. That and the death of his one son in World War I.

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I've met a sparse number of missionaries I can deal with.

I mean, you know, your basic downhome Xstian missionary.

They are always kind of unkempt, and poor for no reason. Mostly, they all get what they deserve.

It is, in a respect, kind of irresponsible (or at least unconscious) to go to such travel extremes for purposes of changing others, when what is really happening is you don't know what's going on inside yourself.

Seekers are one thing, but a real missionary (in the real since of the word), well, it always suprises them when they contract something, despite semi-elaborate preparations.

The real ones that do this work are maybe 1 percent.


Weighing between plane ticket to Jungle Rot or just buying groceries then hitting the pool.

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Just visualize Annie Lennox singing this in her prime.

“Missionary Man” – recorded by Eurythmics

“Well I was born an original sinner.

I was borne from original sin.

And if I had a dollar bill

For all the things I've done

There'd be a mountain of money

Piled up to my chin...

“My mother told me good

My mother told me strong.

She said ‘be true to yourself

And you can't go wrong’.

‘But there's just one thing

That you must understand’.

‘You can fool with your brother -

But don't mess with a missionary man’.

“Don't mess with a missionary man.

Don't mess with a missionary man.

“Well the missionary man

He's got God on his side.

He's got the saints and apostles

Backin' up from behind.

Black eyed looks from those Bible books.

He's a man with a mission

Got a serious mind.

“There was a woman in the jungle

And a monkey on a tree.

The missionary man he was followin' me.

He said ‘stop what you're doing’.

‘Get down upon your knees’.

‘I've got a message for you that you better believe’."

[~lyrics by Annie Lennox and David A. Stewart~]

-Ross Barlow.

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One of my room-mates during my sophomore year was Alberto Bueces from Venezuela. He liked to play the maracas a lot (gourds with handles that made a clicking sound when shook). I asked him what were inside the gourds. He answered: Missionary's teeth. I never forgot that.

Ba'al Chatzaf

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