Back deep, deep in the heart...

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Back home fer a bit...

Gotta major hankerin' for my Mom's Chicken Fried Steak! Oh, I so hope Collard Greens are growing in her garden también!!! (There's only so much Charquican a boy can stand!)

Been seeking the meaning of life. FOUND IT!!! But it's kinda gross and sticky so I won't go there!

Two Celebrity sightings. Jack Nicholson. (Prick) & Nichelle Nichols (Hot!) She's very raconteur-ess-esque-y, full of some of the greatest stories and she is one very sexy woman! Mamacita!!!

I am so happy the President got a new puppy! Can't wait to see what other exciting presidenting will happen over the next few years!

I am now addicted to Abalone.

Stood were Aristotle stood.

Was thinking of starting a "Smart Gal's Gone Wild" video franchise. They would be filmed discussing Quantum Mechanics or deconstructing the works of Gersonides (philosophical not mathmatical) or perhaps simply debating the inherent greatness of Tom Landry over George Allen, all the while jumping up and down on a trampoline wearing bikini's! (Note: This is pipe dream as a truly smart gal would run for the hills at the sight of me with a camera!!!) Buuuuuaahahahahahahahaaaaa!!!

Have man love (sorta) for the Navy Seals. Hitting three moving targets from a moving platform from three concerted firing positions is a thang o' beauty. Gotta dig it! Gives me a Woody just thinking about it!!!

Lost 10,852 games of chess. Won one. She was 8 years old. (No excuses loser girl!!!!)

Hungry, gotta go.



Oh, one more thang! If anyone comes across Jenna Wong, Sarah House or KT, tell'em I got a new video camera! Wow! Just the thought of it.......Oh man! Oh man........Oh......Oh.....

I gotta go to my bunk!

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