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Here is the link to the Oath Keepers website:


I was asked if I thought the military would fire on our own citizens earlier today. Then I came upon this Oath Keepers site

where there are military whose allegiance is to the Constitution not the politicians. There are some beautiful color pictures

on the site and it is encouraging that such men exist.

www.campaignforliberty.com 5Apr 7PM 138823, 10PM 138960; 7Apr 139786, 6PM 140043; 9Apr 140695


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Here is the link to the Oath Keepers website:


God of Hosts? Adonoy Tzi'vaoht? On an Objectivist Forum? How strange.

How about a simple vow not to abuse our countrymen? We stand together, we live together, we prosper together or we go down together. I would not take a step to degrade a countryman for the sake of a political scumbag.

The Patriots on Lexington Green (not far from where I used to live) knew they were together, for death or for life. Go tell the Spartans.

Ba'al Chatzaf

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Very nice site.

I think they will, as I might, have a problem with number 5.

5. We will NOT obey orders to invade and subjugate any state that asserts its sovereignty.

Yes, I and Mr. Ba'al will sleep better knowing that that soldier citizen is on that watch.

American "troops" have fired on American citizens:

1) Kent State

2) 1862 NY City draft riots

3) The 1932 Bonus Army removal by MacArthur.

"On July 28, 1932, two veterans were shot and killed by panicked policemen in a riot at the bottom of Capitol Hill. This provided the final stimulus. Hoover told Patrick Hurley, the Secretary of War, to tell General Douglas MacArthur, then the Army Chief of Staff, that he wished the Bonus Army Marchers evicted from Washington. Troops from nearby Forts Myer and Washington were ordered in to remove the Bonus Army Marchers from the streets by force.

One battalion from the 12th Infantry Regiment and two squadrons of the 3rd Cavalry Regiment (under the command of Major George S. Patton, who had taken over as second in command of the Regiment less than three weeks earlier) concentrated at the Ellipse just west of the White House. At 4:00 p.m. the infantrymen donned gas masks and fixed bayonets, the cavalry drew sabers, and the whole force (followed by several light tanks) moved down Pennsylvania Avenue to clear it of people.

Against the advice of his assistant, Major Dwight D. Eisenhower, MacArthur had taken personal command of the operation. President Hoover had ordered MacArthur to clear Pennsylvania Avenue only, but MacArthur immediately began to clear all of downtown Washington, herding the Marchers out and torching their huts and tents. Tear gas was used liberally and many bricks were thrown, but no shots were fired during the entire operation.

By 8:00 p.m. the downtown area had been cleared and the bridge across the Anacostia River, leading to the Hooverville where most of the Marchers lived, was blocked by several tanks.

That evening Hoover sent duplicate orders via two officers to MacArthur forbidding him to cross the Anacostia to clear the Marchers' camp, but MacArthur flatly ignored the President's orders, saying that he was 'too busy' and could not be bothered by people coming down and pretending to bring orders.'

MacArthur crossed the Anacostia at 11:00 p.m., routed the marchers along with 600 of their wives and children out of the camp, and burned it to the ground. Then, incredibly, he called a press conference at midnight where he praised Hoover for taking the responsibility for giving the order to clear the camp. He said, 'Had the President not acted within 24 hours, he would have been faced with a very grave situation, which would have caused a real battle.... Had he waited another week, I believe the institutions of our government would have been threatened.'

Patrick Hurley, the Secretary of War, was present at this conference and praised MacArthur for his action in clearing the camp, even though he too was aware that Hoover had given directly contrary orders.

It was this sort of insubordination and manipulation that would lead to MacArthur being summarily relieved of his command of the UN forces in Korea in 1951.

The last of the Bonus Army Marchers left Washington by the end of the following day. Hoover could not publicly disagree with his Chief of Staff and Secretary of War, and ended up paying the political cost of this incident.

The possibility of widespread civil unrest growing into a popular revolution had been averted, but the forceful eviction of the Bonus Army Marchers, even though not one shot had been fired and only four people killed (the two demonstrators who had been shot by the police and two infants asphyxiated by tear gas), tilted public opinion against Hoover and ensured that he would lose the upcoming election."

If one considers tear gas "firing upon" US citizens.

I am sure there are others, but these three are undisputed historical events where folks were killed and one side was the US military.


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I appreciate the sentiment and the conviction, but I am experienced now and a bit world-weary. Military men should just once be employed by people of equal calibre; but mostly I do not think it works that way.


And yea, probably the Freemasons are involved or something--I'm so sick of those pyramids and eyeballs and weird latin shit and Egyptian death Gods and such.

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There are three cases in my lifetime where the Federal Govt nationalized the state guard to enforce orders by a Federal Judges. These cases were desegregation of Central High School in Little Rock in 1957, the desegregation of the University of Mississippi in 1962, and the desegregation at the University of Alabama in 1963.

For the record I consider these correct uses of federal power.

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Correct. These were really difficult for me because the end was desirous and just, but the Federal imposition left a lot to be desired.


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Adam; My position is one I am not totally comfortable with. I am interested in hearing ideas about this issue.

I also believe the Alabama National Guard was Federalized to provide protection for the march from Selma to Montgomery in 1965.

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  • 1 year later...

From RidleyReport.com

Oath Keepers prep lawsuit against NH bureaucrats

After using Oath Keeper affiliation as one excuse for taking a baby, New Hampshire's child protective division is now the target of a planned lawsuit. Oath Keepers is a group of current/former military/police who pledge they won't follow unconstitutional orders.

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