Is Jennifer Siegal an Architect? I think so!

Rich Engle

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You might have seen USA network's "Character Approved" series/awards. Check out Jennifer Seagal.

Her site, Office of Mobile Design: -- Load it, let the slideshow play, and look at her work, particularly her interiors.

Beautiful stuff...

Modular homes, as they are more accurately called, have always had great promise--I learned about them chairing an expansion committee for the original Unitarian Universal church I attended; we were looking at build-out options.

That, and my endless fascination with just, well, trailers. I love trailers. But modular homes are past that now, and if you call them trailers it's pretty much like using the N-bomb.

Anyway, I believe this woman has a fantastic aesthetic, and is also a very successful businesswoman. A true prime mover. Check her out!!

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