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Titled: Linz knocked it out of the park

An eloquent, powerful, erudite speech delivered with passion, fire, and humor. Linz issued an outright challenge to those who seem only to get angry at anger, including those who remain indifferent to the injustice the Brandens did to Ayn Rand with their malicious distortions and lies that they persist in retailing to this day -- literally, down the street. (Man, when Linz gets going he's a force of nature -- you could tell he meant every perfectly delivered word, and by God no one was going to mistake it. I know it meant quite a lot to him, and that was obvious to anyone watching. I am told it will be available in audio form here on SOLO soon...

And the after-signing dinner party was fantastic, as well!

It was truly a KASS evening, all around.

I have a little miniature pinscher, who I've raised since she was three weeks old. I ended up moving to a new place where she had two masters, for the first time. She resisted quite a bit, but now she understands the business benefits of having two of us to spoil her. A good integration. Of course, she is an actual dog.

I wonder what it feels like to be in the same position, only a human lap-dog with Perigo and Valliant as your joint alphas?

You always know they're deep into the lapping when they start using "KASS" in their scribblings.

I can hardly wait for the transcript. Get that MP3 out ASAP and KASS-ly, so we can all hear what a force of nature can do when confined to a bookstore.

Plus, I want to fly it into SONAR and do a little work on it. I'm feeling a techno death metal composition coming on, replete with blocked and chopped curmudgeon vocals. Hint: I am a dream-maker- he will finally get his duet with Lanza, just homestyle is all.


Checking amazon-dot-com for used copy of "Casey Has Two Daddies."

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I think I found it!!!!


Ich möchte sagen, daß es eine Ehre für die ganze Sie ist, zum ich zu sehen! Ich möchte meinem Valliant KASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSEX Partner für das Zahlen Ihnen der Saddamite Endlosschrauben danken, um auf mich heute abend zu hören!  

Zuerst ist Barbara Branden schlecht! Und sie schaut in einem Kleid besser, als ich! Ich hasse sie.  

Zunächst ist der KASSSSSSSSSSSSless giftige Metallklumpen, MSK schlecht! Und er schaut in einem Kleid besser, als ich! Ich hasse him!


........................................................................ yada, yada, yada!  

Ich bin ein Geizhals und ich bin auf es stolz! Mario Lanza gibt mir ein Woody und ich bin auf es stolz! Ich bin Frau! Hier ich Brüllen!!!!!!!!!!!!!  


Jetzt wenn Sie mich ich entschuldigen, sehen Sie irgendein süsses Fleisch und Merlot! Warum gibt es ein Seil um sie?  


Yes! That't IT!


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