Paul Stamets and his Magic Mushrooms

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Please take a look at this. It is mind blowing:

click on his talk in the upper right hand corner.

He shows how fungi can

1. Clean up oil spills.

2. Reclaim blighted land

3. Produce sugars convertable to fuel

4. Produce anti-virals and anti-biotics. He has stuff effective against various poxes and the bird flu.

And his does it all with his fungi.

Amazing stuff.

Ba'al Chatzaf

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Sounds similar in ways to the "Hemp will Save the World!" claims. Probably the same hippy making the claims, too.

The real problem is cost. Sure, you can get clean oil spills with mold and gold from sea water. But how much does it cost? under waht conditions? (And what do we do when the news breaks that the Dutch Oil Blight has reached siberia, and the last of the world's uncontaminated oil supply is turning to mildew?)

I trust the market. if these things are viable they will work without any cheerleading necessary.

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