New Book about Ayn Rand by Frederick Cookinham

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I just watched this one. Very good interview. I have added it to my ever-growing list of links in the Multimedia section.

Here's more info: Aired March 27, 2006 (Taped February 21, 2006)

Host: Joseph Dobrian

Guest: Frederick Cookinham, author, "THE AGE OF RAND, Imagining an Objectivist Future World"

Topic: Ayn Rand

If you are ever in New York, he does tours of Ayn Rand's New York.

The Age of Rand is available at Amazon.

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I wholeheartedly concur -- both the interview and the book itself are great.

I met Fred at the 2005 TOC conference in Schenectady. I talked to him a few times, picked up a copy of his book, and began to read it while I was still at the conference, and I was simply blown away. I reviewed it on Amazon, and I simply NEVER do that.

Get it. Read it. You're in for a treat. For more details regarding my reasons, see my review at Amazon.

Fred's walking tours are great, too. I took two last May: one on Margaret Corbin, a woman who fought in the Revolutionary War in Manhattan when her husband was killed; she picked up where he left off and kept on firing his cannon (apparently she lived to a ripe old age) -- and one on Ayn Rand's Manhattan, including highlights such as the various apartments Ayn had in New York, apartments of other members of the collective such as Nathaniel Branden, the building where Ayn interned in an architect's office while researching The Fountainhead, Grand Central Terminal, various Art Deco style buildings -- well, I could go on and on, but take the tours if you get a chance -- Fred's a fantastic guide. The former tour taught me to read a revolutionary war map and enabled me to visualize Manhattan as it was over 230 year ago, and the latter tour made "Judgment Day: My Years with Ayn Rand" come alive, and also taught me an amazing amount of information about Art Deco architecture, which I thought I didn't like but have since come to appreciate.


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I have never taken one of Fred's tours but I have talked to people who have. They are all very pleased.

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