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It's actually a necropsy, but autopsy sounds better in a headline. :)

Forget Jaws, this great white shark operation is real

January 6, 2009

Times Online

From the article:

Scientists in New Zealand are about to discover just that when they perform a necropsy on a 10ft great white shark –believed to be the first of its kind, conducted in front of about 1,000 members of the public and streamed live online.

The shark will be dissected and its organs investigated during the necropsy at Auckland Museum this Thursday where scientists hope the operation will help add to their limited knowledge of one of the ocean’s least known about animals.

. . .

Mr Trnski will join Clinton Duffy, a shark researcher with the NZ department of Conservation to perform the two-hour long necropsy – which is similar to an autopsy but whose purpose is for research, not to discover the cause of death.

For those interested, the necropsy will be performed online presumably here:

Live Dissection of a Great White Shark

The time is New Zealand time, January 8, from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm.

To help with getting your local time, look here: The World Clock - Time Zones.


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What silly sensationalism. Sharks, inluding Carcharodon, are quite well known. I have "necropsied" plenty of sharks while out fishing - to use them as bait. wake me up when they find the shark's eucipital mapillary.

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