Just in case you wondered what Ron Paul had to say to the Congress before the bailout vote today!


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Here is the link to the youtube video slightly modified as you will see at the end for your amusement:


Do we really have four more years to wrest dyscontrol of our society from the gangs in power?

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You can see that hardly anyone listened to Ron Paul today besides his supporters who sent in emails and phone calls to their Congressmen. i was one of them. First time I ever called him. My wife said that he ignored me and voted for the bailout. Naturally I wasn't going to vote for him anyway unless he changed his spots and his tune. We are going to mobilize the over five hundred donors to Ron Paul within my district and throw out the guy and replace him with a true free market advocate who even sent me a copy of Murray Rothbard's The Case Against the Fed!

Meanwhile you guys and gals keep discussing esoterica. I think we need to be more active in bailing out our country and not by creating more Federal Reserve Notes.


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Realistically, our government is much like the heaviest object known to man rolling downhill. To shift its current course is going to require a pebble at first. As we gain numbers, rocks and boulders. Just look at Iraq and the obstacles still in place to successfully implement democracy. But it does have to start somewhere.

~ Shane

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