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Hudgins Quoted in Boston Globe on John McCain

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To be fair to both sides.

This is why we "collectively" have never been a political force. The insistence on a purity test! If you are going to get involved and you are getting involved in a whore house, don't worry about getting your principles dirtied up.

I heard Ron Paul's explanation that he believes that one of his Constitutional responsibilities as a Congressman is to submit money/project requests for funding, a "earmark".

I believe he is absolutely correct. However, he never votes for his own earmarks. I think that is consistent. If the project can stand on its own to the other 434 Congresspersons, so be it.

Can we possibly get 3-5 principles to advance politically that we can all agree on?


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Selene; Why not try to get another Congressmen to introduce the ear-marks too.

I think the correct position on ear-marks is don't vote for them, don't introduce them.

I have the feeling that Ron Paul's position is my position is so good and I am the only real supporter of the Constitution but these other people can be bad and my constituents will get what they want. I don't think that is the way to end this corrupt system.

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I agree with you, but as I understood Dr. Paul's justification of why he introduced them and why he would not vote for them, it is a defensible position.

I would as me being the Congressman make the double point that I would want my Office to help arrange a private community investment firm that would capitalize the project, possibly sell bonds, and solve it ourselves.


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