In the beggggggggining.

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There's a curious piece on SOLOP by one Rex Wilkinson, header "In The Beggining" It is here:

He seems kind of angry, but that's better than a corpse in my book.

Aside from the anti-religion mojo that drips off the piece, he is still working an idea of sorts, I guess.

It appears that he stops with the primitive interpreting of natural phenomena as that of The Gods<tm>. Somehow, he appears to be implying that this having happened so long ago, pre-civilization ago, that it has the feature of being deeply ingrained. And, I can see that view, for sure. It's kind of right, but only so far.

I think he loses it early on. What he is not allowing for is the natural "awe" that most normal folks experience sometime in their life when they witness the forces of the universe, of nature.

This is not an unhealthy attitude, to have awe. Actually, its a durable attitude. I believe that the somber state, and the awe state, is more of a baseline position in experiencing life. Without feeling awe, without coming to a somber state, less will be endured. It does not mean dispensing with joy. But, joy will not get a person through many of the majorly serious things that happen to us humans.

But Rex here, he's doing kneejerk in good O-style. Over and over I see discussions about how religion should be eliminated.

Let's get it straight- That is Not Going to Happen. Peaceful coesistence is the key. For sure, though, there are some goofy religions, and even BIG goofy ones.

It is high time Objectivist and other atheist-based groups get a handle on this. Instead of agitating, or coming up with endless non-proofs for non-existence, integration needs to be addressed. Religion does have many virtues. Confusing individual religious consciousness and the various religious communities makes for the confusion, or so it appears to me.

The bottom line is more direct, though, and that is that religious people are varied. We only hear/talk mostly of the bad things in the ecclesiastical world. There is quite a bit more to it than that, especially out of certain religious communities who base themselves strongly on doing, on action.

In any event spiritual folk are not going away, and Objectivists who go on and on with the smearing and innuendo are doing positively nothing of any consequence. I have often seen O-folk come right out and postulate a ban on religion. That makes them fascists.

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I'm starting to enjoy his stylings, and how the locals are trying to deal with him. I will give him points for a sincere ring (if I have translated properly...)

He's probably not a bad guy. It will be interest to see what happens...

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