Great AP English Application, or Greatest?

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Dear Honors Selection Committee,

I would be lying if I said that I am the most attentive English student, or the easiest to handle, or even the one that my teachers would say is great to have around. I tend to talk out in class, be sarcastic, and talk to friends after my work is done. However, in spite of all these faults, I do have the merits to be in AP English.

In class discussions, although at times I am abrasive, I score very highly because I always know what I am talking about and have a well thought out opinion on a wide variety of topics. I have never scored poorly on an in-class discussion because of these valuable contributions.

Class discussions are not the only thing I excel at. I am a very good writer as well. A passive voice is never used by me. I don’t use choppy sentences. My writing is fluent. I also never mispell words. The result of the passive voice never being used by me is that my words are made powerful by the action verbs. Instead of sloppy run on sentences which never seem to end because the person doesn’t use any commas semi-colons or other necessary punctuation I make clear and concise sentences.

I absolutely read a wide range of subjects. For instance, when I was a freshman I read Atlas Shrugged a best selling novel. To expand my range, as a sophomore I read 1984 and junior year I read Fahrenheit 451. This is just one example of my wide range in readings. I do not, however, like to make generalizations and abstractions. All generalizations are false, so there is no good in using them, and abstractions are a double-edged sword. I also do not like relating myself to literary works. I am like Howard Roark from The Fountainhead, I do not care how I relate to anyone else, especially not fictional characters.

One of the most valuable tools I bring to every English class is my mind. My thinking is very fluent except for those times when things just do not compute. However, it is not enough to be a fluent thinker, one must be original as well. Originality is such a key component because without originality there would be no advancement. My originality is the reason I was able to come up with a round disk on which something could be mounted, and stabilized with more of my discs. The discs turn and cover ground as they do, thus transporting the mounted object. Without originality this advancement would never have been possible. I am also a very elaborate thinker.

It is because of my ability to participate in class discussion, as well as my literary prowess and adept mind that I should be accepted into AP Senior English. Thank you for reading my letter.


Jeff Kremer

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Very cute essay, Jeff! I would change one thing: " abstractions are a double-edged sword" -- use "metaphors are a double-edged sword". :D If there's anyone on the review committee that is fond of you, it'll get you in. If not, perhaps you should go for more sincerity. You know if you can fake sincerity, you've got it made! :D

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The reason I used abstractions was because of the criteria sheet which specifically named abstractions as what we should use. Also, there was no risk in writing this because senior year you can opt into AP English, so if they don't like it I can override their decision.

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