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[Atlasphere] Penn Jillett (of Penn & Teller): ?I think I believe in Objectivism?

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From Atlasphere member Stuart Hayashi:

Lately the famous humorous magician Penn Jillette, from “Penn & Teller,” has been lauding Ayn Rand quite a bit. He positively alluded to
Atlas Shrugged
on his Showtime series
, for instance. The allusion was humorous, but still sounded sincere.

But most impressive, he says at the end of
his interview with Glenn Beck
that he thinks he believes in Objectivism.

His remarks begin at the 01:28 mark. He says, “You can go into that Ayn Rand stuff, that Objectivist stuff, and believe in it completely, and I think I do...”

Thanks for the heads-up!

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Here's a quick update on Penn and Teller. TAS had a display table at the "I, Skeptic" meeting in Las Vegas, put on by the James Randi Educational Foundation, June 19-22. Penn and Teller were on the program. Teller stopped by the Atlas Society table, said he was a Rand fan and took a copy of my new book, An Objectiivst Secular Reader. In the Q&A session with P&T, Penn was asked whether, as a critical thinker, there were blind spots he had to watch out for in himself. He said that he is a strong libertarian and mentioned Atlas Shrugged and Ayn Rand and that tries to keep a critical perspective on his ideas or words to that effect.

And their TV show Bullshit is great! Watch it!


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