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Good morning OL!

So, I'm enjoying a mental breakfast at 5am by reading posts, and I stop here in the creative writing threads. Being near and dear to my heart (creative writing, that is) I thought I'd try prying out some of my ideas to see if they gain traction here.

Fiction is abundant. So how does one stand out? I've always been an "idea" kind of guy and find writing as the outlet to showcase it. Practice, on my part, has been lackluster...not paralleling my idea output, so to speak.

Aside from that, I've come across O'ism. This has "changed" my way of thinking and structuring of my ideas in writing. Not fundamentally, since I think that most of my life my thoughts have been quite individualistic anyway. But my messages might be a little more refined. Writing is about conveying messages, so being grounded in a philosophical approach only seems reasonable. So, Objectivism might be my beacon, where before I lacked one.


Souldier Saga...(just ideas here that have been swimming for quite some time)

The story revolves around two cosmic life forces which are in constant struggle - one good, one evil (but it's never quite that black and white). Their interaction is through melding with other life forms, shaping the future of beings universe-wide. They, essentially, compete.

Next stop, Planet X (as yet unnamed).

In the initial phase, they seek an inhabited world. They embrace, energies swirling...pearlescent and inky. They combine and fall to the planet as a shooting star. They wait to be found. Of course, this could take some time as they lie in wait, seaching the world for the one...the Legatee (name of the first book, btw).

Psychic emanations from the cosmic entities eventually find their target. He is haunted by visions, manifestations of tales of old. Of two gods locked in warfare over countless millenia. Adros and Krishaka. They battle on a plateau centered in a hellish desert landscape. History tells of the violent clash ending in simultaneous death blows, the blood soaking the plateau forever and staining it red. History heralds one who would come and awaken the gods (as they are seen in local lore) and unleash their wrath upon the world.

Baltaak awakens from these dreams, remembering bits and pieces. The recall is clearer as months pass. Eventually, the visions drive him to find the truth of it. The city he dwells in is in preparation of a pilgrimage based on the planetary orbit with the suns. It passes very close during the orbit, requiring the populace to shelter for months. It is prior to the "blasting" that he seeks out the source of his visions.

Eventually, in finding the source of the cosmic "gods", he touches them. In making contact, he absorbs them, becoming a host to pure good and evil. Baltaak is now the most powerful being in the known universe, unbeknownst to him. He lives for centuries as he stages the planet for the game about to played at the behest of Adros and Krishaka. In this time, a 3-way conflict is underway. Subtle at first, and catastrophic towards the end as the "Legatee's" life ends. This is where the story really begins..

As the two life forces are free from Baltaak, they seek life in death. They take haven in a newborn, staying dormant (Adros and Krishaka remain unaware of each other) until adolescence. Here, they exert minimal influence...coaxing the youngster in deeds or heroism or chaos. Like a faucet, a trickle of power is let loose. In adulthood, the life force makes the host fully aware of its presence (Adros and Krishaka become fully aware of each other), yielding the full abilities in doing so. Let the games commence!

Now fully aware, they seek each other out to wage war on each other. One benevolent, smiting the other to prevent chaos. One evil, sewing destruction and mayhem.

The interaction between the two is so random at times because of their creed "Seek life in death", that the two could inhabit twins, best of friends, two who become lovers, or any number of people from across the world.

I've been sitting on this for quite some time. Of note - this story came to me while trying to write a battle hymn.

~ Shane

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I say go for it. The Goodkind influence is certainly present. I even see this developing into a good storyboard for a comic book. Seriously. There is a strong fantastic visual component wedded to the ethical that is characteristic of high-quality comics.


Interesting that you put it that way. I never would have thought to go that route. Definitely another avenue to look at. Thanks! ;)

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