Your Chat Lover Could Be a Pimping Bot

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Your Chat Lover Could Be a Pimping Bot

by Kristen Nicole

December 13, 2007


Here's something on the lighter side. If you have a penchant to talk dirty to a person on a chat room, or if your kids do, you already know you might be talking to some giggling young kids, a con artist or a pervert/sexual predator, but how about a computer program like those automatic pre-recorded telephone messages? Except this time the machine types in dirty messages to get you to give up your personal info, hack, and do all kinds of dastardly schemes. Here it is, folks, straight from Russia. From the article:

If you thought Facebook Beacon and AdInfuse were creepy avenues for collecting advertising data, wait until you hear about the readily evolved bots coming out of Russia. This advanced software is pre-programmed to woo you until your head spins–or until you give up the digits, along with any other personal information its parent company may find valuable to advertisers.

The website is called, and it is advertising software that simulates flirty chatroom exchanges. And it’s a true mac. It’s creators say that it can chat up as many as 10 women (or men–software can go both ways, you know) at the same time.

Boy, are there going to be some people feeling like dorks!

It's time to call James Bond.


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You godda be a complete 'tard to fall for this junk. Bots are so, don't be givin' out your digits...for god's sake, man. <_<

I love those chat bots, personally. They're uber charming and they really know how to rev a gal up. :P *bowchiccawowwow*

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And then people complain about their stolen identity. There are those of us, like me, in the communications field that are constantly reminding our "users" (an affectionate term, I swear *cough*) not to push the RED BUTTON. Of course, they will. And we laugh at their lack of common sense on one hand, and curse them on the other to undo the damage done.

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